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Types Of Cultivation




Cultivation is tremendous development or growth or improvement, which make it become perfect. Thus, cultivation can be defined as the tremendous process of development or evolution process or transformation to become perfect. In insects, particularly butterflies, it can be called metamorphosis. In butterflies’ growth, the eggs hatch and worms come out. The worms then turned into chrysalis and from chrysalis, the perfect butterflies emerge.


Cultivation in humans can happen in the physical bodies, souls and spirits. The cultivation in the physical bodies, souls and spirits happen because of the self-purification. Thus, the cultivation in human is called the cultivation of purification.


In the following, there are three cultivations of purification that can be done by humans, namely:

  1. Physical cultivation
  2. Soul cultivation
  3. Spirit cultivation


Physical cultivatiohn is the cultivation conducted through self-control in the temptation of passion, ego and anger and it will be resulted in a healthy and pure body. Yoga Asana is one of physical cultivations.


Soul cultivation is the cultivation conducted through soul purification so that the soul evolves into the holy and perfect soul and reaches the body of deva, budha and tao.


Spirit cultivation is the cultivation conducted through the purification of humans’ spirits so that the spirits evolve to the perfect and holy and reach the body of avatars. In the level of purification, the high level spirit will reach the True Spirit.


How the cultivations are done?

I will try to explain how spirit, soul and physical cultivations can be done by using the science of Q-RAK cultivation.



To conduct spirit cultivation, it needs kundalini power to purify the humans’ spirits so that the spirits reach the perfection of evolution and become AVATAR. After reaching the stage of avatar, the next stage achieved by the purification of spirits is Avatar Ilahi[1], then true higher self and the final stage, the highest evolution that can be reached by human beings is achieving the stage of true spirit.


Kundalini à Spirit à Avatar/Ascended Master à Avatar Ilahi à True Higher Self à True Spirit



Spirit is the life or soul when the conscience has yet to be open. Spirit exists above the head. The spirit before fusing in the body has the form of light orbs that emit multi-colored sacred lights. In ordinary people, the light orbs are located 10, 15 up to 20 centimeters above the head. The orb is in the size of a golf ball. When the spirit fuses in the heart completely, the size is 3 up to 5 times the size of an adult’s head. Then, gold is the color that will be created. When the conscience has been opened, the spirit exists within the conscience and becomes the core of the conscience. When the heart chakra is purified and balanced with pure conscience, the process of spirit fusion in the heart becomes complete. The spirit becomes the consciousness center of the conscience that regulates and controls the conscience.


Avatar/Ascended Master:

When the core of kundalini achieves the level of perfect purification of crown chakra, the membrane of crown chakra that divides between the spirit and the divinity power or the divinity vibration opens that causes the spirit evolves into the form of avatar. The body of the spirit becomes the gold body with multiple arms and multiple heads as well as all Avatar’s shakti magical objects held by all avatar’s hands. Thus, the spirit is said to achieve the level of Ascended Master. Avatar is fused with the physical body.


Avatar Ilahi

When the divinity power or divinity vibration flowing into the spirit increases the development of kundalini until the core of kundalini can achieve the phase of purification at the level of the divinity chakras where Divinity Avatar exists, the spirit will evolve until the body of Avatar Ilahi grows. The Avatar Ilahi exists in the dimension of Avatar Ilahi depending on the levels of purified Avatar Ilahi. The Avatar Ilahi has wings and looks like God’s angels.

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1 Avatar Ilahi = Higher level of Avatar