Jan 25

The Meditation



What is meditation?

Meditation is an effort of consciousness to achieve self-peace and to access the level of higher consciousness.

Meditation is abstract, it cannot be comprehended by secular comprehension, the main point is sincerity and focus all of conciousness and mind only on God and able to release all problems in mind or feeling related to worldly/secular things.

The essence and meaning of meditation is a condition and situation where we are calm down/comfortable and detach ourselves from bonds and shackles of worldliness and focus all of conciousness and mind only directing to God.


What is the purpose of meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to comfort the self and able to release problems and shackle of secular things and gain the enlightenment of God’s vibration by focusing consciousness and mind only on God.


Focus on God in what kind of form ?

It cannot be imagined since hollines that will cast a shadow but the self can imagine a light of truth.


How is the intention during meditation?

After self feel relax and comfortable, intend through belief to God that He will flow tranquility purifying vibration of material and spiritual, happiness, enlightment, consciousness, and have a faith in releasing the self of any shackles of worldliness.

Focus on the true light or belief in God.


Is it necessary to direct the eyes to certain parts or to something or where are the eyes directed?

Direction of view is not a way, but the sancity of intention that will complete what will be done.


What are the phases of meditation?

1. Soothe the self

2. Focus on God

3. Recompose the self

4. Keep repeating those activities


How long is the best duration for meditation ?

Long or short duration of meditation do not symbolize goodness or badness, the truth is how a person is able to calm himself and all of his consciousness and and mind focus only on God.


How is the level of serenity?

The level of serenity has infinite dimensions. The highest dimension of serenity level is the core dimension of soul serenity. That is the highest level of serenity.


How the self knows that the self has existed in the dimension of the core of soul serenity, is there any signs of it?

The signs that the self is in this dimension, namely mind release from all of worldliness of life, only soul which gain the vibration from a guidance of the Almighty.


What are distractions during meditation?

1. All of senses as the first distraction

2. Environment as the second distraction

3. The shackles of strong negative karma as the last distraction.


How to tackle the sense distractions?

Mind controling over the comprehension of the sense itself although the senses can always feel automatically, but by controlling mind, it is able to control to what direction the senses should be taken and placed.


An example to tackle it:

If during meditation, the self hear noise, the self must know what is meditation and its meaning, namely focus everything on God, only on the self and God. That is nature of divinity. The heared noises are worldly characteristic. Release the worldliness and guide mind only to divinity.


How to tackle the environmental distractions?

Always doing self-purification and always placing the self on God’s protection and making the environment grown and filled with positive things will be able to help avoiding the negative environment.


What is meant by making the environment grown and filled with positive things , which are able to help avoiding other environments filled with negative things ?

It means :

1. Avoid planting trees and plants that become the source of negative auras Only planting plants that become the source of positive auras.

2. Avoid raising animals that become the source of negative auras. Only raising or maintaining animals that become the source of positive auras.

3. Avoid keeping things that become the source of negative auras

And only keeping or storing things that become the source of positive auras. All things, plants, animals, that become the source of negative and positive auras will be explained further in the Chapter System of Self-Defense


How to tackle the last distraction, KARMA?

Through repentence, renew or reform all deed with kindness as well. It can be done through affirmation to destroy viciousness, negative aura, and negative karma, the more affirmation the better will be and the negative karma can be eroded through affirmation.


Do the condition of brain waves strongly affect meditation?


The lower of brain waves, the easier for us to focus. The Third eye also become the main key for meditation, since it facilitates a very low brain wave so the self is easy to achieve the high level of serenity, easy to reach high focus, and easy to enter a very high level spiritual dimension.


The third eye, kundalini and the power of purification make the self easily achieve the highest level samadhi. Meditation when reaching a high silence point will produce holy soul cultivation namely silence cultivation body. It will form Silence Deva’s body, Silence Budha’s body, and Silence Tao’s body when the self achieve high level meditation. That’s the characteristic of highest level of samadhi.


When is the best time of meditation ?

Meditating on the best of kundalini time, namely at 12 a.m. at 12 p.m. at 6 a.m. , at 6 p.m. Kundalini time only last for 25 minutes, therefore use the time as good as possible at those kundalini time.


How about the best place in meditation?

Find a comfortable place, with comfy room temperature, pleasant aroma, minimum noise and a good cleanliness. But if the self could handle the senses, so that meditation can be conducted anywhere except at a place with negative auras.


What about the emergence of ethereal visions during meditation?

Keep focus on the self and God.


What about the advisable positions during meditation?

Meditating on comfortable seat position and do not make the self tenses and pins and neddles and also provided that the position does not make the self fall asleep. It is not a matter if the spinal is not perpendicular. And don’t meditate in standing position.


What if we are shocked by any chance during meditation?

Repeat meditation from the beginning in order to get the better result.


What are the preparations before meditation?


Strong stamina will strengthen the self- protection and will make the self more focus, and it is easier to tackle the distractions during meditation and easy to access high dimension.



Self protection is needed during meditation in order to hinder from distraction due to attacks of self-viciousness and negative auras or viciousness and negative aura from the environment.


Annihilation of viciousness and negative aura

Annihilation of self-viciousness and negative aura is extremely needed in order that they don’t disturb the self during meditation and don’t misleading either by giving misleading hallucinations.