Jan 25

The Energy System


Energy System

In the life of universe, there are 2 spiritual energy systems, those are:

  1. Natural energy system

  2. Cultivation energy system

Natural Energy System

Natural energy is also called as the energy of universe. Some call it chi or prana, which means the resource of life or bio-energy. Natural energy can be found everywhere in the universe, on inanimate objects as well as living things.

  • In humans, the natural energy is usually found through a touch of palms, so that the touch of palms is usually used for healing therapy.

  • Animals and plants may also become the source of natural energy.

  • Colors, sounds, aromas, air, sun rays, earth, planets and also any inanimate objects.

  • Crystal stone is one example of the strong natural energy resources.

From the characteristic, natural energy can be classified in two types:

  1. Positive natural energy or pure natural energy

  2. Negative natural energy or impure natural energy

Cultivation energy system

Cultivation energy is also called evolution energy. Cultivation energy is derived from the natural energy, which has been evoluted, so that it cannot be found in the universe freely. Cultivation energy is only obtained from the process of natural energy evolution and only human or creature who do the evolution of the natural energy can obtain the cultivation energy.

Based on its characteristic, cultivation energy can be grouped into two types:

  1. Negative cultivation energy/impure energy

Negative cultivation energy or impure energy is also called witchcraft. This types of energy is totally negative and has the characteristic of harming the spiritual evolution on humans. Thus, it would be better to avoid any witchcraft cultivation.

  1. Positive cultivation energy/purification energy

Positive cultivation energy or purification energy is also called divine power. This type of energy has the characterictic of purifying and it is useful for humans’ spiritual evolution.

The effects of spiritual energy on human life

Spiritual energy is needed to ensure the life of all livings on earth, whether plants, animals or humans. All body systems in living things digest the spiritual energies as the sources of energy for their life. Without spiritual energy, all living things will perish and will not be able to live. Spiritual energies influence body systems and awareness systems in living things. The existence of spiritual energy based on its nature will influence all living things, mostly to humans.

The effects of spiritual energies on humans are:

  1. Negative energy

Humans who have very strong Negative energy or negative aura will cause such impacts as follows:

  • Being the cause of diseases

  • Being the breeding source of viruses, bacteria, germs and fungus which cause diseases

  • Being the source of cancer cells parthenogenesis

  • Damaging body metabolism system

  • Damaging nerve and brain systems

  • Damaging gland systems

  • Damaging body’s organs

  • Damaging chakras, kundalinis, souls and spirits

  • Causing misfortune

  • Causing poverty

  • Causing bankruptcy

  • Causing accidents

  • Causing disasters

  • Causing divorce

  • Causing crimes

  • Damaging agility and intelligence

  • Causing addiction to negative things

  • Causing laziness

  • Causing depression

  1. Positive/pure energy

Humans who commit the purification and always surrounded by positive environment are filled with positive aura. This will lead them to such positive effects:

  • Curing illnesses and diseases

  • Exterminating viruses, bacteria, germs, fungus that cause diseases

  • Remedying and stabilizing body metabolism

  • Remedying and stabilizing gland systems

  • Remedying and stabilizing body organ systems

  • Remedying and stabilizing nerve and brain systems

  • Remedying and stabilizing the systems of chakra, kundalini, soul and spirit

  • Increasing luck

  • Increasing fortune

  • Increasing protection

  • Preventing accident

  • Increasing intelligence

  • Improving relationships

  • Relieving stress

  • Evoluting humans spiritual