Jan 25

The Cause Of Illness/ Disease



Diseases in our body are caused by a lot of factors, as the following:

Cakra system disorder

Cakra system disorder will affect aura, gland function in the body, organ’s function, circulatory system, metabolism system. Cakra is a doorway of energy, particularly vital energy (power of life) when its is interrupted or obstructed, it will cause suplly of energy, process of energy metabolism, energy expenditure processes of body and organs of the body will be disrupted as well, thus causing a disruption in the physical body that manifest into illness.


Damage and genetic mutations

Damage and genetic mutations are caused by many factors. Life style and poor environmental accelerate damage and genetic mutations.


Heredity (genetic)

Genetical heredity is frequently as the cause of illness. Low genetic quality or low levels of genetic diversity will impact poor immune and less growth of the body.


Attack of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungus

For a body with stong immune, attack of viruses, bacteria, germs and fungus will not cause illness in the body, otherwise when it decreased, the attack of viruses, bacteria, germs and fungus will cause illness.



Carcinogenic radiations can trigger a cancer attack and other diseases.



Allegies can cause discomfort in our body. Under condition of severe allergic, it can lead to diseases like asthma, cough, flu, fever, itchy. The allergies even lead to death, if the body reaction cause malfunction of the body and organs destruction.



Gore would harm our health, and can lead to stroke, heart disease, and many more.


Nerve tension

Nerve tension due to weak nerve stamina. Effects of nerve tension namely joint pains, bleeding gums, easily to have a slight cold, easily to get stressed, difficult to focus, psychosomatic.



Stress as the source of various diseases, since stress causes body functions instability, blood circulation instability, nerve tension, brain damage, emotional disturbance and so forth.



Former accident or disaster can disrupt unconscious and cause psychological sickness and ultimately lead to disease.


Negative emotions

Often keeping the negative emotions can trigger the growth of negative aura and viciousness therefore the impact is attack of viciousness of the self which causes sickness.


Lack of doing an exercise

If we do less exercise, our body systems will be disrupted, particularly muscular system, blood circulation system, obesity, bad mood etc.



Unhealthy food can trigger diseases. Avoid certain foods that can trigger diseases.



Exposure of sunlight, pollution, and dirty water can cause attacks of illness.


Negative aura and viciousness

Bad or negative aura and viciousness of the self and environment can cause illnesses. Do self-purification and self-protection from attack of viciousness and negative aura can prevent us from illnesses.


Negative karma

Negative karma can be a source of growth of viciousness on the self and as the trigger of attack of viciousness and negative aura of environment.