Jan 25

The Abudance Of Life System


System of Life Abundance

System of life abundance is a system that makes appearance of someone emit the energy or the positive aura of fortune and happiness, so that it always attracting abundance from the surrounding environment come into.


The factors that support the System of Life Abundance:

  1. Self-purification
  2. Persistence in doing anything intended
  3. Positive condition of circumstances and positive aura of the residence, and collecting of items / objects, plants, and animals which have positive auras.


The system of abundance includes:

Aura of luckiness

Aura of fortune

Aura of anti disaster and anti bankruptcy

Aura of the destroyer of all obstruction

Aura of prosperity

Aura of success


In Q-RAK Cultivation System, the types of cultivation which may support the System of Life Abundance are:

  1. Kundalini
  2. Merkaba
  3. Cultivation of Fortune
  4. Cultivation of Luckiness
  5. Cultivation of the destroyer of all obstruction
  6. Cultivation of Prosperity
  7. Cultivation of Anti Disaster and Anti Bankruptcy
  8. Cultivation of Success
  9. Avatar, True Higher Self and True Spirit


Spiritual dimension is the source of embodiment for physical dimension. The abundant power exists in spiritual world, those are the source of ideas, the source of informations, source of knowledge, source of luckiness that present the needed events or conditions or chances. The more powerful source of assistance and have many more powers exist in the spiritual dimension.

Meanwhile in the physical dimension, the efforts, strategy and focus are needed. In order to be abundant, we should maximize our spiritual and physical dimension.


The following things can be applied to build the system of abundance life:

  1. Do self-purification
  • Destroying of self-viciousnes and negative aura
  • Protection from viciousnes and negative aura at home, on streets, at the office, during daily activities and on working.
  • Self-controlling of minds, words and actions in order not to trigger infections or the growth of viciousness and negative aura.
  • Raising kundalini and do meditation of kundalini will burst the purification and stamina.
  • Maintain and raise stamina in order to overcome the attack of viciousness and negative aura.
  1. Improving cultivation through attunement of Q-RAK cultivation
  2. Doing the Love Meditation of Q-RAK to improve the growth of True Spirit and make the True Spirit being stable.
  3. Doing and reading affirmation of abundance as follows:

“I intend my True Spirit to create the high level system of fortune, the high level system of luckiness, the high level system of abundance, the high level system of prosperous, the high level system of the destroyer of all obstruction, the high level system of Anti Disaster and Anti Bankruptcy, the high level system of success, in myself, my life and all efforts I make, so that my life is filled with abundance and all positive things I need in this life, do it for 5 hours.” The affirmation can be repeated every 5 hours or as many times as needed.

  1. Doing the Divinity Points Meditation of Q-RAK to burst all positive things
  2. Building positive environments
  • Having and preserving of items, plants and animals with positive aura.
  • Having and preserving blue crystal, miraculous blue lamp, miraculous Blue Vanda pachara delight orchid, miraculous bambusa vulgaris, miraculous oleina syzygium, miraculous blue love bird, because all of those items emit aura of purification, protection and tremendous abundance aura.
  • Avoid having and maintaining items, plants and animals with negative
  • aura cleaning and caring home and office to prevent the growth of negative aura.
  1. Improving self-value:
  • Having knowledge and insight
  • Being creative
  • Being innovative
  • Having intellegence
  • Having honesty
  • Having courage
  • Being open-minded
  • Being discipline
  • Hard working
  • Building up relations
  • Having good communication
  • Dominating the market/marketing strategy
  • Mastering the business system
  • Being unique and attractive
  • Having high competitiveness