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Self Defense System


Self-Defense System is a system to protect the individual from any negative attacks.

The individual here has vast meanings, including: personal, family, house, office and business place.


Why the self-defense system is needed? The result of having interaction between human and his environment will cause negative and positive impacts, that will be the reason of why the self-defense is needed.


The world existence is not only in physical dimension, but also in spiritual dimension or spiritual world. The spiritual dimension consist of consciousness of etheric, astral, mental, soul, Spirit, including the life of spiritual beings.

Objects also have consciousness. Consciousness at the level of compounds, elements, molecules, atoms, quarks, which are the form of energy and aura consciousness.


Human interact with various dimensions, interact with all elements in nature, objects, plants, animals, air, water, fellow beings and also the spiritual dimension through various of consciousness. Human live not only in physical dimension but also in spiritual dimension.

The human interaction with all various of consciousness in physical dimension or in spiritual dimension will cause negative or positive impacts.


Human who are able to control himself to be always in the way of truth and have extensive knowledge of all forms of consciousness in both the physical and spiritual dimension will become wise man, full of abundance, healthy, and all positive things for him and also positive impacts for his environments.



Consciousness is sense of an existence, whether it is physical, etheric, astral, mental, or soul. There are negative and positive consciousness. Negative consciousness is the consequences of filthiness, negative energy, negative power, negative aura and viciousness. Consciousness of negative soul and viciousness derives from negative human’s habit which forms viciousness and negative soul. Negative consciousness will attract negative things and cause negative events. Positive consciousnes will attract positive things and cause positive events.


Every moments and occurences begins from the spiritual dimension to physical dimension.

As an example, in daily life, we may find someone who always has perishable or easily get lost goods. When detected through the third eye, obviously the person has negative aura and very high viciousness, therefore his belongings are affected by the vibration of the negative aura and viciousness, it impacts on the damage and the losing of his belongings.


We could ever have experienced that our belongings are oftenly well-preserved, hardwearing, and not perishable. When detected through the third eye, obviously by the positive aura we have and how we treat them by heart, and buying the things by money of positive income, will make our belongings well-preserved and not perishable. In this case, the aura of fortune and luckiness can be used to protect our belongings.


If the individual is able to edify his spiritual dimension and do a lot of good karma and high self-protection from the attacks of negative aura and viciousness, and make good effort in the physical dimensions, then he or she only needs a patience and joyfull to get all positive things needed in return.


Moments and occurences influenced by mind, aura, power, character, action, words and karma. Therefore in order to live the life, we should notice the following things:

1. Mind

Vibration of the soul perfection or soul serenity will generate positive thoughts, if the soul cannot be functioned nor forgotten, so the negative mind will appear frequently. The main point is that all depend on the soul vibration.

Have positive thinking in order not to arise the viciousness and negative aura of ourselves. Positive thinking also prevent the entry of viciousness and the environmental negative aura in ourselves, including the attack of viciousness and negative aura of the negative things when we think of. Thinking about negative things will bring upon infections of viciousness and negative aura of such things on ourselves. Self-protection from the attack of negative thoughts from the people surrounds us is very important, because any kinds of negative thought’s attack may also cause infection.


2. Positive Energy, Positive Power, Positive Aura

Aura is the crystallized energy that has reached a certain power. Fill the life with positive energy, positive aura, and positive power. Do love and positive things to help oneself lives the life properly.

Avoid to access the things which become the sources of dirty/negative energy, negative aura, and negative power. Since all of these things can damage the self in all aspects of life including the cause of illnesses, badluck, bankruptcy, dispute, negative emotion and all negative things. And the impact on purification is the destruction of purification and the growth of viciousnes and negative aura in the self. Thing should be done is do self-protection from the attack of negative aura and negative environments in order not to get infected. Avoid keeping, having, maintaining items, plants, animals, and all things which may become the sources of negative aura. Do things in order to have, to maintain and to collect items, plants, animals, and all things which become the sources of positive aura.


3. Viciousness

Develop good deeds in order to erase all self-viciousness. The viciousness becomes the strongest thing to destroy our own life, effecting illnesses, unlucky, accident, bancruptcy, conflict, and all negative things. It also become the strongest factor which may destroy the self-purification.

It is good for us everyday to destroy the viciousness of the self and protects ourselves from any negativities of the environments.


4. Words and Affirmation

Avoid words which contain badness and filthiness since the bad words can also trigger the growth of self-viciousness and negative aura. The bad words may also become an entry of the attack of the viciousness and negative aura from the environments which may infect the self. The bad, dirty, and negative affirmation may also become the source of such negativity.


5. Curse

The curse on the self as a result of either our own action or our parents’ action or our previous generation might become a great barrier for the curent life or even for the future. The course contains very strong negative aura and viciousness, therefore by doing the self-purification and keep the self-control, we can erode or even destroy that curse as well.


6. The Devil Contract

When a person has allied with devil, he or she will establish a contract with the devil. The devil contract has very strong and hellish negative bonding, which damage and destroy human life. Because of the ignorance of human about spiritual dimensions, they oftenly bamboozled by interlacing a relationship with dirty and illusory spiritual beings. However, such conditions happen because of the stiffness of negative karma which the man has, so that the karma leads him into misleading. When the relationship between the individual and devil, gin, khodam, supernatural beings has created, so that the contract with the devil has taken place. Gin, khodam and the mystical beings are the master of negative aura and the master of perverter aura, and there is no Gin or mystical beings which has positive aura. Those creatures will do misleading through various intrigues and sophisticated disguise. A man who has a contract with the devil will form a dirty colour field of aura with many shapes and dimensions. Master of negative aura are Gin, khodam, mystical beings, and any negative element creatures. Such creatures capable of being changeable embodiment, size and shape, can be smaller than atomic and can be bigger like a giant as well. These things make human easily get swallowed.


Example of the Devil Contract:

Learning the witchraft

Using the devil’s fetish

Using Gin, khodam and supernatural beings to realize all wishes



The devil contract may include:

the individual






7. Karma

Karma is the result of consciousness brought by the action on consciousness, then the impact of the consciousness itself is within the karma. Positive karma will make individual could release suffer and missery of life due to the negative karma of his own. The strong negative karma could bring oneself into a suffering and missery and also lead to the way of misleading. Piling the positive karma, doing purification, and having self-control to the divine way, therefore, will erode or even destroy the negative karma of his own.


This following things can trigger the attack of negative aura and self-viciousness:

1. Low protection

2. Low stamina

3. Thinking negatively

4. Acting negatively

5. Saying negative words

6. Living in negative environment


Here are sympthoms of negative aura or viciousness attack on the self and the environments:

1. Stimulated to think negatively

2. Increasing addiction on negative things

3. Doing negative things as a part of habits

4. Negative dreaming

5. Nausea

6. Headache

7. Exploding emotions

8. Hard to understand what have been learned, become foolish and decreasing intellegence

9. Easily losing memory

10. Doing careless action

11. Unfocused mind

12. Fire at home

13. Bad luck streaming

14. Divorce

15. Declining carier


Negative aura and viciousness are the fastest things which make human get addiction and difficult to release the fond of negative things, and start to hesitate positive things, divine way, life mission, life goal, self-existence, capability, future phobia, greed, and all negative things and other helplessness, and oftenly being unfocused. Therefore the best things to do are:

Find life mission and life goal

1. Know well who you are

2. Read positive and inspirative articles

3. Arrange the future plans

4. Read the 4 points regularly when needed to have self-control in order to get free from the control of negative aura and viciousness, which make ourselves losing memory and being unfocused on goal, prefering the negative things and coming into hesitation of the 4 things should be done and ignore those points, then getting into the increasing of addiction of negative things and finally destroying his own intelligence as a result of being controlled by such addiction. Negative aura and viciousness have negative conciousness which is able to intimidate the subconscious of the individual and leads the physical awareness to the misleading. At last, the negative minds, acts, and words will generate a strong negative aura and negative character.


The following things can be the sources of negative aura:


Black or dark crystal stones, meteorit, …

kris and fetish.


Banyan tree, green/common bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. Ex J.C.)


Snake, scorpion, centipede


Extremely negative people


Soil structure of the house

Brittle foundation of the house

Brittle structure of the building

Brittle house’s roof

Damp and dirty corners of the house

Air circulation, ventilation, bad sanitation

House located on the center of the energy collision

Direction of the building facing the source of negative aura

Damp house’s wall


High voltage electrical

Electrical substation


Garbage dump

Industrial waste

Mine field and petroleum field

Hollow ground

Septic tank








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