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What is divinity point? Is divinity point similar to soul point?


Divinity point is also called point of God as the place where the vibration of divinity is located. Soul point is where sanctity of our soul located. From the explanation above, the point of God and soul point are two different things.

Soul point is a bright light point and is located in a point between two eyebrows. It is physically attach on forehead’s skin and its size is smaller than atom, it neither exists in flesh nor out of skin.

Soul point is a soul of sancity which has a purification level, therefore it could be a point of light that has any color except black.

The soul point in spiritual dimension when viewed using the Third eye or eye of sancity will have a very large size that even can achieve greater than the earth.

Meditasi Titik Ketuhanan


If the soul point is at the point between two eyebrows, so where is the divinity point ?

The divinity point is located in the core of soul point.

Meditation that can lead the self to be at the divinity point and focus on that point is including high-level meditation.

In order to do this kind of meditation, it is required the good ability of the Third eye, besides sincerity, probity, and supreme faith in Almightiness of God.


What to do to achieve the divinity point and focus to meditate there?

Focus on the soul point will lead the self to the divinity point and that’s where the occurence of enlightenment.


Can’t the self directly focuses on the pont of divinity or focuses on the core of soul point?

Meditating through phase of process since it can deliver where the direction of the goal, namely lead to divinity point.


What if the meditation is directed straightly to the divinity point?

Focus on soul point will be able to calm down the self and ennoble the soul, in this condition the self will be properly reached divinity point. Without self-worth, without serenity, without personal purity, it will be useless for accessing the divinity point. Then what you need to do during meditation is to focus mind on soul point and burst the devotion and belief in God’s, so that the process will be occured as well. Thus, it is not the word, but the intention which play major part. If the self find a difficulty to enter to the divinity point, it is caused by the self and soul have suffered defilement.


Can meditation on soul point erode negative karma?


Conducting that without changing basic of negative actions cannot result in a form of erosion of negative karma. Noble deed remains a major power and grip of negative karma erosion.


What happened if the self is in divinity point and stay focus there?

Purity and glory inwardly and outwardly will be obtained but they can be tarnished by actions based on vices and crimes.


Purity and glory here includes all things in all existing corners.


What should the self do when is in the divinity point?


Without any intention because all positive things will be given, even it can be said that meditating in the divinity point impact on the fulfillment of our spiritual energy, improvement of purification and the whole system of Q-rak cultivation will be improved within the self and experience a purification.


How can it happened?

Vibration of divinity in divinity point will provide all things we needed automatically. That the Almightiness of God.


When we can do the meditation of divinity point?

This meditation can be performed anytime. It can be done during daily activity while imagining the soul point. The point is, the more focus the better. If it is performed in meditation situation, it will achieve the better result. Especially if meditation of divinity point is carried out at kundalini time.


How long is the duration of meditation of divinity point?

Meditation of divinity point can be done for hours, the most important is we can focus and achieve serenity. Technique of Meditation of divinity point will also help perfection of purification.


Here are the phases of Meditation of divinity point :

1. Sit relax

2. Raise stamina

3. Make self-protection from the attacks of viciousness and negative aura of environment.

4. Annihilation of self-viciousness and negative aura

5. Close the eyes

6. Focus on soul point between the two eyebrows and only direct the intention to soul point.

Do with sincerity, probity and the burst of high faith of God’s Almightiness.

7. Sincerity and probity will lead the self to a better place where the divinity point is located. Divinity point will be felt as a very silent place and nothing other than the self and vibration of divinity. So there is only the self and vibration of divinity over there. Thus, vibration of divinity will give a lot of guidances that the self needed in the world, vibration of divinity will give a lot of positive vibrations which is needed in life on earth, whether it is deletion of negative karma, improvement of abundance energy, prosperity, health, love and affection, etc.


What is Perfect Enlightenment or True Enlightenment?

True enlightenment is where human able to underlie all his actions with complete knowledge, and still the basic foundation is belief in God and able to release the worldliness.