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Kundalini is a holy spiritual power of human which being the purifying energy of the spirit. All people has kundalini since kundalini is a part of human spirit. Kundalini in most people are still inactive, and some has been active.


Kundalini has a function to destroy all negativity within oneself. Kundalini then used to evolve our spirit to reach into its perfection. The impact of training kundalini is the march of an overall process of refining spirit based on the development level of one’s kundalini.

Moreover, a pure spirit will also automatically resurrect mental ability that previously locked in the spirit as the result of self-defilement. The ultimate goal of training kundalini is reaching the spirit completeness and oneself can be in union with the universe and at the highest level, a unification of oneself with God the Creator will occur.


In the non-active condition, kundalini is located in perinium (point between genitals and anus). After kundalini rouse, its energy begins to clean oneself at all time, from toe to liver, then from heart to crown chakra.


Parts of kundalini:

  1. Kundalini energy
  2. Kundalini fire
  3. Kundalini core
  4. Kundalini lane
  5. Protective membrane of kundalini lane
  6. Kundalini DNA
  7. Kundalini flowery
  8. Kundalini metallurgical energy


The way to rise kundalini

The evocation of kundalini can be done using many ways as follows:

  1. Meditation of kundalini-universe energy
  2. Kundalini respiration
  3. Clear quartz crystal
  4. Kundalini Tantra
  5. Shaktipat given by master of kundalini
  6. Q-RAK’s Cultivation


In the former time, raising kundalini is very difficult to do and after it has been raised, thousand years will be needed to grow it. Only through master of spiritual whose kundalini has undergone a perfect risen and development, kundalini of a disciple will be easily raised through a process of Shaktipat.

Within the science of Q-RAK’s Cultivation, the process of shaktipat is given at the first level of attunement. Shaktipat of kundalini at the 1st level of Q-RAK has been reaching its completion of ressurection and development. Therefore after getting the attunement, the practitioner will have reached the kundalini which core has achieved a perfect level of purification and unification up to the crown chakra.

In this level of complete kundalini, a holy golden spiritual body of the practitioner will be shaped up as Avatar.


In the new system of 2014 Q-RAK’s Cultivation, the level of kundalini on level 1 practitioners have been specially developed further than on the practitioner of Q-RAK’s Cultivation Gen 12 at previous time. The body of Avatar at level 1 of the new system create a blue crystal avatar and glowing the blue crystal colour.


Level of Kundalini.

Kundalini development reaches the infinite levels. Therefore, with the recent condition, one can improve his kundalini up to unlimited levels which can be achieved by humans.


Here are several levels of kundalini:

  1. The beginning of kundalini cultivation
  2. Kundalini purification from toe to heart chakra.
  3. Purification of heart chakra
  4. Purification of heart chakra to crown chakra
  5. Purification of core chakra and Avatar formation
  6. Maha Avatar/Ascended Master
  7. Purification of chakra Ilahi and formation of Avatar Ilahi
  8. Purification of True Higher Self and its formation
  9. Purification of the deepest core of spirit and the formation of True Spirit.


The Initial Ressurection Stage of Kundalini

In dormant condition, kundalini has the form of energy rolls located in perineum, that is an area at the point between genitals and anus. The rolls of energy using third eye is seen like a snake encircle with its head or like a nucleus of kundalini encircle in a roll. In a glance, kundalini rolls resembling Javanese almond. In active condition, the core of kundalini is located outside the rolls and face up towards the lane kundalini energy.


When the kundalini rolls are opened, some tremendous amount of energy will be released, the more the kundalini rolls are opened, the more powerful energy will be released. This kind of energy is functioned to cleanse dirty energy and negative things within oneself. Gradually, the energy up towards the base chakra and start to held the purification of the base chakra and and the whole main chakra until reaching its climax at the crown chakra.


Generally, kundalini perform the following purification:

  1. Purification of cakra
  2. Purification of body and consciousness layer
  3. Purification of kundalini lane
  4. Extermination of negative karma
  5. Extermination of viciousness and negative aura


The stage of purification of kundalini from toe to heart chakra

In this stage, the purification of kundalini started from toe and initiated by the purification of base chakra and sex chakra, continued by purification of navel chakra and at last purification of heart chakra.


Energy of kundalini conduct a purification from perinium up to base chakra, sex chakra, navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and last is crown chakra. The energy of kundalini carries out a purification in each chakra through the lane of kundalini called sushumna. Sushumna is located in the middle of spine from the base of the skull extending to the tip of the coccyx. Sushumna is physically spinal cord.


The energy of kundalini released from the opened rolls of kundalini is called kundalini fire. When released from the rolls, it remains red. Nevertheless, when greater of kundalini fire is formed, it will evolve from red to yellow, then blue and at last it turns into transparent white.


In order to improve the kundalini fire, the opening of kundalini rolls is done continously in each training of kundalini. The greater the number of kundalini are opened, the greater energy will be produced. The numbers of kundalini rolls is unlimited and the enormous energy of it will accelerate the purification process. The greater energy of kundalini released from its rolls, the more extensive the purification area would be, up to higher level of chakra.


During the time when the kundalini fire is growing large, the core of kundalini start to leave perinium lead to base chakra and carry out the purification of it. The condition of kundalini core performs the purification in base chakra called the stage of purification of base chakra. The stage of purification the base chakra is remarked by the growth of kundalini’s genetic over the head with the genetic form of golden lotus flower. When the core of kundalini currently reach the stage of purification the sex chakra, therefore a genetic of kundalini with the shape of shiny crystals will grow. When the core of kundalini reach the purification of navel chakra, the kundalini genetic in the shape of milky white tiddlywinks will grow.


The stage of purification the heart chakra

When the core of kundalini reach the purification stage of heart chakra, the kundalini genetic in the shape of golden yellow tiddlywinks will grow. The purification stage of heart chakra belongs to the most difficult stage and take a long time. It is caused by a lot of pile of dirt and negative karma in the heart chakra. Kundalini is frequently damaged in this stage. So by doing good deeds, having good thoughts and saying good words will accelerate the purification in this stage. The purification of the stage also affecting the spirit above the head start to descended into the heart chakra and fused in it, exactly at the conscience and become the core of Conscience. Vibration of the spirit also accelerate the purification of heart chakra. The unification of the spirit within one heart can also lead to the opening of Conscience. And in the process of purification the heart chakra, the whole aspect of yin and yang within oneself are getting to have growing and balancing.


The stage of purification of heart chakra up to the core of chakra/crown chakra

After the heart chakra reach the complete purification, the next stage is the purification of throat chakra. The stage is remarked by the growth of kundalini genetic above the head in the shape of clear crystal of multiple chip. The purification stage of throat chakra will improve the self-communication ability with the environment. The next stage is the purification stage of ajna chakra or third eye chakra. The stage is remarked by the kundalini genetic development above the head in the shape of crystal crown. The purification of third eye will impact on the opening of third eye ability.


The stage of purification of Core Chakra/ Crown Chakra

The stage is remarked by the growing of kundalini genetic above the head in the shape of platinum crown. The core of kundalini currently reach crown chakra and metallurgical energy begin to be formed within oneself. The metallurgical energy is formed as a result of the expansion of consciousness. The metallurgical energy is very tiny and then growing larger into a Ball of Metallurgy. The process of the metallurgy ball enlargement is proportional to the level of awareness improving and the kundalini purification.

At the beginning, the shape is tiny and getting bigger as the size of marbles, getting larger to the size of pingpong ball, and keep larger until 2 meter of diameter. When the metallurgical ball is as large as 2 meters, the ball looks like a crystal ball with its center transmits flashes of electricity and have different crystal colours among others.


In the beginning, the ball only has one colour and along with the development of kundalini and expansion of awareness, the metallurgical ball begins to have many colours. Reaching the completeness, the metallurgical ball already has numbers of layers and colours like rainbow layer.


The metallurgical ball is shaped from the expansion of the Spirit awareness which caused by the growing of kundalini. The metallurgical ball is actually the Spirit itself. If we intend the Spirit to form a metallurgical ball, then the Spirit will embodied as a mettalurgical ball. In such condition, the Spirit use the awareness to realize one’s positive wishes. The ball of metallurgy can be used also for astral journey.


When the metallurgical ball is formed, the Kundalini Flowery is beginning to grow. Kundalini flowery grows above the head with a lot of joints, and each joint has different colour and seen through the third eye as colourful crystal flowers above the head.


Everyone has different shape of kundalini flowery crown. Some resemble lotus, some resemble pandanus leaves. Some looks like leaves of pineaple tree and so forth.


At the beginning of the growing of Kundalini flowery, there is a joint of crown bud of Kundalini flowery. Then grows into another crown buds piling up each other until 10 joints of crown buds of flowers. When the growth of kundalini flower reach its completeness, the flowers will transform into Hand of Avatar


The Completeness Stage of Purification of Core Chakra/Crown Chakra

The stage is remarked by the growing of kundalini genetic above the head with the shape of shiny golden crown. When the purification of crown chakra is complete, the kundalini core will be unite in the crown chakra. In this level, the spirit has evolved into a golden body and has multiple hands. Therefore, it can be said that the spirit has become an avatar. When the core of kundalini has fused in the crown chakra, a membrane cover which separate the spirit from the divine power of God’s vibration will be opened. Therefore, when a practitioner has reached Avatar, the divine power began to flow within him/her through the spirit.


Usually, someone who reach Avatar has at least three pairs of hands of avatar. The number of Avatar’s hand will continue to grow until it reaches an infinite number. As there is a term like the deva with a thousand hands. The function of avatar’s hand is realizing any positive wishes and denoted by the Shakti or supernatural articles of avatar held by the hands of Avatar.


The Shakti articles of avatar can be weapon, sword, cudgel, trident, arrow, jar, globe, crystal flowers and so forth. The one who has reached Avatar level is called Ascended Master. Ascended Master is the highest level evolution of the spirit named avatar level which human can achieve by using the full power of kundalini.


The stage purification of Divine Chakra

After the spirit reach out Avatar, kundalini should keep to be trained and developed as for the level of kundalini is unlimited, and the spirit has not achieved the final stage of evolution yet. The next stage of kundalini’s development is the purification stage of divine chakra. In order to purify the divine chakra, the kundalini core must obtain the suficient divine power or God’s vibration in order to reach and purify such chakra. The divine chakra is a sign of the existence of Avatar Ilahi Dimension. The divine chakra is the central controller of awareness layer of Avatar Ilahi Dimension. The effect of the devine chakra is the growing body of Avatar Ilahi and the expansion of Avatar Ilahi Dimension as well. The thing which differenciate Avatar from Avatar Ilahi is that Avatar Ilahi has wings like Angel of God.


The divine chakra reach an infinite amount, this symbolize that Avatar Ilahi Dimension also has infinite levels. One divine chakra symbolize one Avatar Ilahi Dimension. Therefore, the infinite divine chakra represent the infinite Avatar Ilahi Dimension and symbolize the unlimited level of Avatar Ilahi as well.


The stage purification of Higher Self

The purification within the spirit is done continously by the increasing power of kundalini and with the help of the divine power that continously increase to the core of kundalini that reach the purification on the higher self. In this stage, the evolution of higher self is occured, namely the growth of True Higher Self. The True Higher Self is also called Avatar Ilahi of True Higher Self.


The Stage of Purification of Spirit Innermost Core

The next purification stage is the purification of the kundalini core on the spirit innermost core. The location of Spirit Innermost Core is unknown, but we can sense its existence. In the level of purification by the kundalini core, the spirit innermost core is located above the True Higher Self. When the core of kundalini purify the spirit innermost core, the True Spirit start to grow within it. The growth of True Spirit is the peak stage of purification can be carried out by human. Thus, the achievement of the True Spirit is the climax of high level purification of mankind.


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