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Diseases And The Handling



Any kinds of therapy given by using the methods of Q-RAK cultivation is very safe and does not cause any dangerous effects on the patients. If a Q-RAK practitioner do mistakes in delivering the energy, it will not bring any impacts, since Q-RAK cultivation is a smart energy which derives from the high level consciousness of the practitioner.


Q-RAK cultivation will actually perform an automatic healing on the patients, in accordance with their illnesses. It may happen due to the high level of intelligence of Q-RAK cultivation which derives from the high level of intelligence of the practitioner that will automatically adjust the energy needed by the patients and to destroy all causes of the patients’ illnesses. The main point is a high belief in the miracle of Q-RAK cultivation and God the Almightiness and surrender everything to God, then all miracles of the recovery will occur. When conducting the healing process of diseases, oneself only need to do three things on the patients:


Intend the True Spirit to use the power of Reva Bravana for:

1. Increase the patients’ stamina

2. Heal any damages caused by the disease … (mention the name of the disease)

3. Destroy the causes of the disease … (mention the name of the disease)


Surrender everything on God’s power working through Q-RAK cultivation which flows into the patients’ body, so there will be a lot of miracles occur during the healing process, although the practitioner himself doesn’ t know the causes of the patients’ illnesses.


However, many practitioners prefer to find out more details about the patients’ illnesses, so that he or she will have more confidence in healing the patients using more detail techniques. This thing can be undertaken also. The point is, the practitioner who heals the patients with fully confident on the miracles of Q-RAK cultivation and the Almighty of God, and using any techniques on the healing, it will give impact on the miracles of recovery.


Before giving the recovery therapy on the patients, it would be better to ask about any grievances and symptoms of the patients’ illnesses, ask whether there are any medical check-up previously, so that the causes of the patients’ illnesses can be detected based on the medical check-up. If the practitioner has known about the causes of the patients’ illnesses, he or she is going to be able to conduct the way of the diseases treatment soon that will be explained further in this chapter. If the patients have not done the medical check-up yet, then the practitioner can do checking by using the third eye ability that he or she has, or concluding any possibilities causes of the illnesses from the grievances and symptoms experienced by the patients.


The following things can be the basic to do checking the causes of illnesses based on the third eye’s ability:


1. Chakra system dysfunction, negative aura, viciousness, negative karma

2. Cancer cells, tumor cells, cancer DNA, tumor DNA

3. Infection of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungus

4. Carcinogenic radiation: radioactive substance, ultraviolet radioactive

5. Allergy: histamine existence in the whole body, body inflamation, body infection

6. Chemical substances and noxious poisons

7. Blood condition and blood vessels: blood viscosity, red cell content, hemoglobin content, lymphocite content, embolism, injury, inflamation, blood vessel damage

8. Neural condition and nerve tube: nerve tension, unstrung nerve, injury, inflamation, nerve damage

9. Psychiatric condition: stress, trauma, negative emotions, mental blocks

10. Dietary: cholesterol content, fat content, blood sugar content,, protein level, vitamin, minerals, uric acid.

11. Injury, inflammation, organ and head tissue damage, neck, breast, stomach, lower abdomen, reproduction organ, legs, hands, spine, the whole bones, brain, eyes, nose, mouth, respiratory tract, heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, kidney, bile, gastric, intestine, lymph node.


Here are several things that can be done when giving self-theraphy or others therapy if the healing process will be given in detail: 

1. Excess amount of body fat 

Melt the fat in desired body area and discharge it through excretory duct.

2. Excess cholesterol level 

Normalize blood cholesterol levels and may also discharge excess of blood and body cholesterol and discharge it through excretory duct.

3. Excess blood sugar 

Normalize blood sugar level and discharge the excess blood sugar in blood and body and discharge it through excretory duct.

4. Excess protein level 

Normalize the protein level.

5. Excess purine level 

Normalize the purine level

6. Excess iron level 

Normalize the iron level

7. Excess uric acid level 

Normalize the uric acid level

8. Fluid up of fluid  in the body 

Discharge build up of fluid in the desired body parts, and discharge through excretory duct.

9. Accumulation of carcinogenic substance in the body 

Discharge the accumulation of carcinogenic substance in body through excretory duct.

10. Poisonous food or bacterial or fungus poison 

Destroy in whole blood, whole body fluid, whole brain and discharge the rest which is hard to be destroyed through excretory duct

11. Radioactive substance 

Excreted from the affected body parts through excretory duct (difficult to be destroyed)

12. Ultraviolet radiation and ionic radiation 

Only need to be excreted from body through excretory duct

13. Cells damage due to viruses attack 

Especially for lymphocytes damage because of the attack of HIV virus, the damage must be repaired in order not to be used by the virus to propagate themselves.

14. Low platelet level 

Increase the development of platelets in whole blood to reach normal levels.

15. Low hemoglobin levels 

Increase the development of hemoglobin in whole blood to reach normal levels.

16. Weak lymphocytes levels

Increase the development of lymphocytes in whole blood to reach normal levels.

17. Blood viscosity 

Make each red blood cells that overlap each other breakaway and normalize the acidity of the blood.

18. Blood clotting/coagulation 

Accelerate the blood flow/circulation, and destroy all obstruction in blood circulation, in order that all obstruction can be destroyed.

19. Gallstone 

Destroy the gallstone into fine pieces/particles and does not cause obstruction and injury, inflammation of the gall bladder and discharge the particles from the gallbladder through the excretory duct.

20. Kidney stone 

Destroy the kidney stone into fine pieces/particles and does not cause obstruction and injury, inflammation of kidney and excrete the particles from kidney through the excretory duct.

21. Gangrene of organ

Neutralize gangrene of organ

22. Cirrhosis of liver 

Heal all tissues and inflammation of liver

23. Scar tissue of nervous system 

Normalize all tissue of the nervous system

24. The loss of Myelin due to antibody of myelin destroyer   

Normalize the loss of myelin and normalize antibody which destroy myelin.

25. Neurotransmiter of drugs addict 

Normalize neurotransmiter of drug addict

26. Neurotransmiter of cigarette addict

Normalize neurotransmiter of cigarette addict

27. Neurotransmiter of Psychosomatic

Normalize neurotransmitter of psykosomatic

28. Neurotransmiter of epilepsy

Normalize neurotransmiter of epilepsy

29. Neurotransmiter Alzheimer

Normalize neurotransmiter of Alzheimer

30. Neurotransmiter Schizoprenia

Normalize neurotransmitter schizoprenia

31. Loss of nerve cells and synapses 

Normalize the loss of nerve cells and synapses

32. Alzheimer gene 

Normalize the Alzheimer gene

33. Traumatic, depression, mental barriers

Heal traumatic and inner wounds and depression also normalize the whole sub consciousness to the point of completely normal.

34. Injury, inflammation and organ damage 

Heal injury, inflammation and organ damage to completely normal and grow stem cells in injury/wound, inflammation and organ damage to accelerate the organ healing.

35. Ruptured blood vessel 

Heal and normalize ruptured blood vessels.

36. Interrupted Nerve fibers 

Heal and repair interrupted nerve fibers

37. Lack of oxygen

Increase pure oxygen in blood

38. Nervous tension and nerve weakness 

Loosen the nervous tension and increase the nervous stamina

39. Muscular spasm

Energy chanelling through palms, directly press palms on muscular spasm area during 30 minutes for once theraphy

40. Pinched nerve 

Energy chanelling through palms, directly press palms on pinched nerve area during 30 minutes for once theraphy

41. Lack of vitamin dan mineral

Increase levels of vitamin and mineral adjusted to the needs of the whole blood and body fluids. It is advisable to consume vitamin and mineral supplement.

42. Dehidration

Increase the electrolyte level of blood and body fluid and it is advisable to drink electrolyte drink.

43. Loss of DNA strand 

Grow the loss of DNA strand to completely normal

44. Down Sindrom

Normalize DNA diversity and heal DNA damage and nerve damage.

45. Autism

Heal DNA and nerve damage

46. DNA Abnormalities

Repair and normalize the DNA

47. Cancer DNA

Destroy the cancer DNA

48. Tumor DNA 

Destroy the tumor DNA

49. Cancer cells 

Destroy cancer cells to whole seeds and roots.

50. Tumor cells 

Destroy tumor cells to whole seeds and roots.

51. Cyst 

Destroy cyst cells in the infected area

52. Wart

Destroy Human Papilloma Virus which multiply wart cells and destroy wart cells in the infected area to the whole seeds and roots.

53. Burn 

Repair all skin tissued damage, accelerate the removal of dead skin cells and accelerate the growth of new skin cells, destroy viruses, bacteria, infected germs.

54. Kyphosis 

Increase bone mass, normalize bone density and bone structure

55. Fracture

Repair damage of bone structure and reconnect bone fracture.

56. Bone calcification 

Repair damage of bone tissue, Increase bone mass, and increase bone density.

57. Osteoporosis

Repair damage of bone tissue, Increase bone mass, and increase bone density.

58. Lack and excess certain hormone that trigger diseases 

Normalize certain hormone level in body

59. Destroy bacteria

Destroy permanently and completely to whole seeds and roots all bacterias that attacked body.

60. Destroy viruses

Destroy permanently and completely to whole seeds and roots all viruses that attacked body.

61. Destroy germs 

Destroy permanently and completely to whole seeds and roots all germs that attacked body.

62. Destroy fungy 

Destroy permanently and completely to whole seeds and roots of all viruses that attacked body.

63. Telomere

Multiply and develop telomere in whole body DNA to completely.

64. Telomerase Enzyme 

Multiply and develop telomerase enzyme to whole body cells completely


When doing healing therapy, if the time for theraphy is very limited, thus specific points of energy chanelling can be ignored. But if the time is sufficient to provide specific spots of energy chanelling on patient’s body, it is advisable to do.


Number of diseases and treatment will be explained in this Chapter. But in practising it can be adapted to the patient’s condition, since each patient has different condition, techniques to cure diseases given here the outline only, and through a lot of practices, a healer will have broad knowledge of the diseases and how to cure it.


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