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Conscience is a sacred consciousness and center of consciousness of the Spirit. When the conscience has not opened yet, the Spirit is above the head. When the conscience start to open, the Spirit is in the core of conscience and be the controller of the conscience.

Conscience has function to guide to direction of the truth. It can be used to scan the truth itself. The conscience symbolize the high level purification, that is our own self-consciousness. Therefore through the conscience, we can figure out the truth of God’s guidance and finding the truth that materialism is not real and only temporary, so that we can release those things.


People whose conscience has opened will be easily to listen what the conscience said. The words sounds very soft, made peace, full of honesty and truth.

The opening of the conscience is similar to the opening of self-awareness. It will ease to find the way of the truth. While the conscience which still closed is the condition in which the self-consciousness has not opened yet. The self will be hard to find the way of the truth, and also hard to communicate with the own Spirit.


The conscience is reside in solar plexus, the pit of the stomach. When the conscience has opened, it has numerous shapes and constantly changing. Through the the third eye, the conscience is seen like a light with changing shape and size, sometimes getting bigger then getting smaller. That kind of process does not reflect anything.

The conscience also has multi colours. Those colours also do not reflect anything.

Within the conscience, there is a bright point, it is called the core of conscience. While the emmission light of the point is called the core substance of conscience.


For most people with closed conscience, it is hard for them to communicate in the form of heart’s voice (conscience) on the higher of the self-consciousness, such as communicate with their own soul and spirit. Such ability of communication is indeed important because the soul and the spirit could guide us and giving solution when we find difficulties and troubles in life.


When the ability of conscience has been opened, we can communicate verbally through the heart’s voice that flow into the conscience between ourselves and the soul and spirit, between the self and the consciousness of mineral’s kingdom, between the self and the consciousness of flora’s kingdom, between the self and the consciousness of fauna’s kingdom. Have you ever imagine communicating as like doing telepathy with stones, water, wind, cloud, trees and animals? How great it is when we can do such things.

All of the ability can be done as soon as the conscience is opened. To open the conscience is actually not easy. The process is as difficult as open the third eye’s ability. Anyway, there is an easiest way to open the conscience’s ability now, that is through receiving the attunement of purifying conscience cultivation. The attunement is given at the first level of Q-RAK’s cultivation. And how fast oneself receives the attunement of the first level of Q-RAK’s cultivation determine how fast he or she has a good ability of self-conscience.


Here are several things which can be obtained in the attunement of conscience cultivation: 

1. The process of high level of purifying conscience

2. The opening of all nodes and parts of conscience completely

3. The raising of the conscience cultivation system up to the formed of the Deva of Conscience, the Budha of Conscience, the Tao of Conscience, within the shape of complete Vajra body with a Shakti weapons owned by Vajra body.

4. The growth of status symbol of the Deva of Conscience, the Budha of Conscience, the Tao of Conscience


The other benefits of conscience

By receiving the attunement of conscience cultivation, oneself will be able not only to do verbal communication or telephaty with the world of spirit, the world of soul, the flora’s kingdom awareness, the fauna’s kingdom awareness, but also he or she can use the power of awesome conscience cultivation for the similar things as the third eye’s cultivation, such as :

1. Destroy cancer cells, abnormal cells, tumor cells

2. Destroy virus, bacteria, germ, fungus

3. Destroy viciousness, bad and negative aura

4. Improve kundalini

5. Heal the damage of the conscience

6. Increase the agility or brain intellegence Heal wound and inflamation

7. Increase aura of luck

8. Increase aura of fortune

9. Create the protection system

10. Improve the purification

11. And so forth


How to use the conscience’s ability?

The method is very simple, only by intending it.

As an example:

Try to communicate with an apple tree, and ask the following questions:

Intent conscience to communicate with apple tree and ask following questions


1. “How is the condition of the apple tree now?” And wait the answer in a few minutes. The answer will be appeared in the form of writings in mind or a soft voice and may also a feeling of that apple tree appears as like a telephatic.

2. You can ask also a further question: “when the tree will bear fruits?”

3. “Is there anything that make the apple tree uncomfort?”

4. “How is the feeling of the apple tree on you?”


To communicate through the conscience, avoid communicating with anythings which contains viciousness and negative aura, such as: 

1. Banyan tree

2. Green bamboo tree

3. Big stone

4. Black crystal stone or stone which has negative aura

5. All objects, plants, animals that have negative aura

6. Highly negative people


As like the third eye’s ability, the conscience’s ability also has a depth of dimension which is different for each person, that’s why the result of communication with the conscience in each persons will be different. But the main point of the communication’s result is similar. The difference is due to the different dimension that one can be accessed.


Things that enhance the development of conscience 

Here are several things which can enhance the development of conscience and also conscience’s ability to access the higher dimension:


1. Kundalini

The power of kundalini will purify the conscience, so that the conscience’s ability will be improved well and able to access the higher dimension.


2. Conscience purifying cultivation 

The purifying of conscience cultivation will automatically improve the conscience’s ability, destroy all things that hinder the conscience’s ability, heal and repair damage of the conscience, improve the ability of the conscience completely.


3. Destroy viciousness and negative aura 

Destroy viciousness and negative aura will ease the improvement of the conscience’s ability, make the conscience’s ability more accurate, and free from hallucinations due to the interference of viciousness and negative aura.


4. Re-attunement of Q-RAK’s cultivation’s science.

Following Re-attunement of Q-RAK’s cultivation science is advisable to do. This is because every time the attunement which is provided by Master of Q-RAK’s cultivation, there will be a process of re-purification the entire body systems, re-opening the entire energy systems, and improvement of energy systems, because of the progressive changing of Q‑RAK’s cultivation science anytime due to the energy evolution carried out by Grand Master Rony Irianto as the founder and the source of Q-RAK’s cultivation science. Thus the energy quality and quantity of Q-RAK’s cultivation science in each level at anytime undergo a higher and higher evolution.


The Inhibitor of the Conscience 

The viciousness and negative aura is being the main inhibitor of the conscience. The result of communication with the conscience oftenly diverted into misleading results. That is why destroying the viciousness and negative aura is important and advisable to do, in order to keep the self-conscience ability being realiable and disillusive.

If we can control ourselves from lust, ego, anger, negative emotions, we will be able to feel the amazing Conscience.


The Omnipotency of the Ultimate Level of Divinity Intelligence Vibration 

The omnipotency of the ultimate level of Divinity Vibration is the ability of high-level spiritual eye which is higher than the competency of the Third eye or Conscience. This kind of power can only grow when the True Spirit has formed. Therefore, the attunement of the respective power can only be given after the True Spirit has grown. The practitioner of the first level of Q‑RAK’s cultivation has been given such kind of attunement and will have the ability of the ultimate level of Divinity Intelligence Vibration completely.


Location: in the middle of the brain (the midpoint of the brain)

Shape: lotus flower with 5 colors of the divine era and blue crystal core of aura.

Amounts: infinite and piling each other, soaring above the head

The flowers guide us to the right way.

Those become the Flowers of high level intelligence of consciousness.

The flowers are more complex and powerful than anything, compared to the Flowers of Knowledge of the True Higher Self.


The Functions of the omnipotency flowery of the high level of Divinity intelligence vibration:

1. Increasing the faith to God

2. Increasing the highest consciousness

3. Figuring out what is the best to do about the truth itself, make it easier to lead to God’s way.

4. Guiding to the inner peace and happiness on the belief of God’s power

5. Being able to acomplish more about the meaning of life

6. Guiding to be easier to figure out what to do and what shouldn’t do

7. Getting easier to understand what we want to understand.

8. Facilitating oneself for not having negative thoughts which cause and destroy happiness of life

9. Helping the third eye’s ability

10. Enhancing the ability of logical competency and imagination, including creative ideas, and looking at the future (be a super intellegent man)


The omnipotency of the high level of Divinity Intellegence Vibration is not intended for healing, and is not used for realizing a prosperity or positive wishes, but it only used for obtaining a guidance of high level of consciousness.


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