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Brain wave


Humans’ brainwaves are measured based on their frequencies by using a measuring instrument called EEG. There are 4 kinds of brainwaves, namely:


1. Beta Brainwaves

Beta brainwaves are in the frequencies of 14 Hz and above. At this level of brainwaves, humans’ minds are in the level of conscious mind or physical awareness or normal awareness. People who think more than one thought simultaneously will be in the frequency of beta brainwaves. Beta brainwaves indicate the brain’s stress level. The more things we think at the same time, the higher the brain’s stress level will become. The condition of conscious mind is very needed whenever we drive cars, cross the street or other occasions when we are demanded to think more than one simultaneously. If we find difficulties in thinking more than one thought, we may find ourselves in situations that can endanger us.


2. Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brainwaves are in the frequency of 13 Hz down to 7 Hz. At this level of brainwaves, humans’ minds are in the subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness. When we experience high level of calmness so that we can focus to think only one thing at the same time, we will have alpha brainwaves. At the level of alpha brainwaves, often new ideas emerging in our mind, which will be able to help us finding the solution to a problem. The ideas are coming from subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness that we have.


In the condition of alpha brainwaves, we will be able to learn anything faster and easier. This is because in the condition of alpha brainwaves, the brain’s abilities to store memories increase. That’s why small children can learn something faster because they do something that they love. The feelings of fondness and happiness will make the self easier to achieve high level of calmness and automatically reach the brain’s creative dimensions. Alpha brainwaves can be achieved during a stargazing, dozing, having the feeling of fondness to something as well as the feelings of calm and interest.


3. Theta Brainwaves

Theta brainwaves are in the frequency of 7 Hz down to 3.5 Hz. People who are in the frequencies of theta brainwaves will experience a very deep calmness. Theta brainwaves can often be reached by those who meditate deeply. The Holy Yogi find no difficulties to reach this state. Among ordinary people, theta brainwaves often happen whenever they are dreaming and the dream seems true. They can remember clearly what the dreams were about. The one who is able to do astral journey when he or she sleeps, are in the level of theta brainwaves. At the level of theta brainwaves, humans can access subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness in higher dimensions. So in that level, humans can access high level powers in the dimensions. That’s why theta brainwaves help humans to do strong healings and also to program positive wishes by using powerful forces.


4. Delta Brainwaves 

Delta brainwaves are in the frequencies of 3.5 Hz down to 0.5 Hz. However, for some people, they can have the lowest frequency of 0.000 …Hz. Many Q-RAK cultivation practitioners can achieve 0.000….Hz when they meditate. People who are in delta brainwaves will experience even deeper calmness from those who achieved theta brainwaves. However, for normal people, when they are in delta brainwaves, they will slip into a slumbering condition, so that they will not dreaming or remembering anything while they are sleeping. For some others, they can achieve delta brainwaves, but they keep aware and even fully conscious. And for a smaller number of people in scarcely, people can keep awake when being in very deep delta brainwaves at the frequencies lower than 0.5 Hz or the frequency of 0.000…. Hz. Whereas for normal people, the frequencies of brainwaves lower than 0.5 hertz are detected on people who are in comma.


How it could be happen, when there is someone who keeps fully awake in a condition of being in delta brainwaves and even for some others still keep awake in the condition under the frequency of 0,5 hertz of delta brainwaves? 

This is because the abilities of the third eyes or telepathy and the abilities of conscience at higher levels have been opened, so that he or she can still control awareness during that state. Lower frequencies of brainwaves will make oneself achieve the dimensions which have abundant energies, as if he or she is in the middle of the ocean of energy. He or she will feel the pounding storm of energy waves, which make them staggers and swayed by the power of energies in that frequency of brainwaves. If he or she is not able to survive from the pounding storm of energy waves, they will slip into a sleep. However, if he or she can hold on from such condition, he or she will keep awake. This condition is like when we are in a boat, which is pounded by big waves from all directions. If we are able to keep aware or even getting more aware in such condition, the big waves of energies will be sensed lower and getting calmer. The calmness of the pounding waves of energy is directly proportional with the condition of oneself who is getting more aware and having full control of the awareness.


The big pounding of energy waves are becoming the tremendous power that we can use to achieve our positive wishes. The deeper the brainwaves that we can control, the more tremendous power that we can access. Thus, in the frequency of brainwaves less than 0.5 Hz or even in an extreme condition reach until 0.0000000000…1 (1/10 to the power of unlimited) Hz, we can obtain miraculous powers that come from very high and holy dimensions for our own soul and spirit.


How can we achieve alpha, theta and delta brainwaves in order to be able to enter the brain’s creative dimensions?

There are many ways to achieve alpha, theta and delta brainwaves in order to get in the brain’s creative dimensions. The main points is the efforts to make ourselves as quite as we can or make ourselves in the meditative condition as deep as can be.


There are ways that I can recommend:

1. Be in a quietness place

2. Practice visualization

3. Create mental screen

4. Do meditation with the focus on the point between the 2 eyebrows

5. Open the abilities of the third eye or telepathy

6. Open the abilities of Conscience

7. Practice kundalini

8. Conduct self purification.


Be in a quietness place

What is meant by the quietness place is a place in our imagination or mind, which can make ourselves calm and peaceful. The quite places can be as follows:

1. Fun places during our childhood

2. Fun places that we have visited

3. Fun places that we plan to visit in the future

4. Fun places that we really hope which we create as our own imagination in mind


We can choose the quietness places and we can try to feel their vibration one by one to decide whether the places are truly fun and they make ourselves being calm, full of spirit and creative. If we have chosen the right place, then such place will serve as the place where we, in the imaginary world, will conduct everything later, which is related to subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness. In this particular place of quietness, we will later search for information needed to solve various problems. Also, we will later develop and program ourselves at the levels of subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness. Avoid choosing quietness places that contain negative aura just like beneath banyan tree, storehouse, toilets, caves and so forth.


The practice of being in the quietness place: 

Sit as relax as possible and release all tensions

Gently close your eyes

Inhale slowly and deeply then exhale equally slowly and intend ourselves to be relaxed and more relaxed. Do it 6 times.

Imagine yourself drawing a white spiral light in clockwise direction slowly to form a small spiral up to larger one. Do it for 10 seconds.

Imagine yourself in the quietness place we have chosen. Imagine the place in detail, what the environment looks like? What kinds of trees in there? What are the objects in there? Feel the breeze. Listen to the birds chirp if they exist, listen to the sounds of water if they exist. Smell the aroma of the air in that place. Is it fresh? Or is there any pleasant smells of flowers? Feel the temperature of the air. Is it cool? It can be anything.


Feel the quietness place as if it is right in front of you, as if you are actually there. If you can feel that place as if it is real that you are there, and not only sensed in mind, it can be assured that you have achieved alpha brainwaves. The more real you can feel the place, you will increase your calmness and will be able to reach theta brainwaves. If you have not felt the quietness place yet as if it were real, you still think about other things, which means that you are still in beta brainwaves. Thus, there are two things can be used as a sign whether you are still in beta brainwaves or you have achieved alpha brainwaves:

1. If you still find difficulties to feel the imagination to be real sensed, and only still sensed as a thought, then you are still in beta brainwaves.

2. If you can feel the imagination to be real sensed, the same feeling as you have a dream clearly, then you have reached the condition of alpha brainwaves or even theta brainwaves. In this state, it is very obvious that you involve feelings and emotions in the imagination that we try to create. Feelings and emotions are the languages for awareness communication in spiritual dimensions.


Practise visualization 

For those who have troubles doing imagination can do visualization in very calm and relaxed conditions. Frequently practising visualization, train the brain to get used to the alpha and beta brainwaves and still be aware. Therefore practising visualization will make oneself automatically get used in brain’s creative dimension or spiritual dimension. Before doing visualization, prepare in advance the object which will be visualized. The objects that can be visualized :

5 kinds of fruits

5 kinds of trees

5 kinds of animals

5 kinds of items

Avoid the objects contains of negative aura since it is very dangerous and can interfere the consciousness. Therefore, also avoid visualizing a man, because it may sensitively get infected by his or her viciousness.


The things should be avoided to be visualized by the practitioner: 

Avoid visualizing banyan tree, green bamboo, tamarind tree, jackfruit tree, banana tree, and so forth.

Avoid visualizing snake, scorpion, spider, centipede, raven, black rooster

Avoid visualizing items like black crystal stone, creese, amulet, and so forth


The safe objects to be visualized: 

Fruits: orange, pomegranate, watermelon, apple.

Trees : tulips flower, orchids, tabebueia tree, Oleina syzygium, etc

Animals: love bird, dove, cat, dog, rabbit, etc

Items : table, chair, television, glass, etc.


In order to do visualization becomes easier, it is better for you to carry out a direct survey on the object that will be visualized by looking at the object, touch it, feel it and memorize it.


Here are the ways to train visualization: 

1. Sit as relax as possible and release all tension.

2. Gently close your eyes

3. Take a breath slowly and deeply then exhale slowly and intend to be more relax. Repeat this inhalation six times.

4. Imagine the self draw white spiral halo in clockwise direction slowly to form a small spiral up to larger one. Do it for 10 seconds.

5. Start the visualization of fruit one by one through the followings way:

For instance, orange fruit :

Look the orange’s shape and size, see its color, figure out its type. See the orange until it looks clear and very real.

Then hold the orange and feel its crust, feel its weight and the hardeness of its peel. Do it until the fruit seems real and obvious.

Then peeling the orange, smell the fragrance of its peel, and see the orange’s flesh. Do it until everything feel real and apparent.

Then taste the orange’s flesh, whether it is sweet, sour, or mixture of both, and feel countour of the orange’s flesh. Do it until everything feel real and apparent.

Then you can continue to visualize the other fruits.


The point of training visualization is when you can feel the things visualized as if it is real and feel like a dream comes true, therefore you have already in alpha brainwaves and even in theta brainwaves.

Since you are required to be able to feel the real existence of the object of visualization, thus do visualization with relaxed, calmly, not in a hurry, without any target. What is the advantage in practising the visualization as a whole, but you cannot get the feeling and self-emotions on the object that you visualized. If you feel just as a thinking or even be stressful, it can be assured that the visualization training has failed.

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