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Agility or Brain Intelligence is the intelligence in thinking and concluding something as well as understanding something. The point is that everything concluded or produced by the mind is kindness for the self and others.


Part of the brain which are related to brain intelligence are known as the left and the right brain. As we know that the left brain is connected with logics and analytical abilities, while the right brain is connected with creativity. It is important to know that all organs in the brain including brain nerves and tissues are united and interdependent.


if the brain nerves is damage, it will cause the deterioration of brain functions so that it cannot work maximally and it has impacts on other body organs.


For example: the activity of a person’s body that exceeds reasonable limits is one of the impacts of damaged nerves or tissues in the brain, which also cause degradation of intelligence and memory and many others.


Thus, it is very important to maintain and protect all parts of the brain including its tissues and nerves and it is equally important to repair the brain if it is damaged. We can even develope the brain re-evoluted to be better and more advance compared to the brain evolution that humans have ever been experienced on it.


Brain cultivation system in Q-RAk cultivation is called Misana Cultivation and it can be a miraculous tool for our efforts to maintain, protect and repair and even evolve the humans’ brain further.


What is Misana Cultivation?

Misana Cultivation System is the purifying cultivation system of the brain. All parts of the brain including its tissues, nerves, cells, liquid and DNA which are continuosly purified until the levels of atom and Quark, and keep being purified until the cultivation power called Misana Cultivation is formalized.. Misana Cultivation can also be called as the purification at the level of soul or disposition or character, because the purification of the brain regenerates the soul of the brain intelligence. By doing continuous purification of the brain, the body of the brain intelligence soul will be developed until reaching the perfectness of the brain intelligence’s body of soul. Then, with higher level of the brain purification, the brain intelligence’s body of soul will achieve its perfectness development. By using the third eye, the body of the intelligence spirit can be seen as the figure of Deva Misana, Budha Misana, and Tao Misana or the holy body of Vajra. In this level, a symbol of status of Deva Misana, Budha Misana, and Tao Misana will grow. The growth of the symbol of status represent the perfect growth of the brain intelligence’s body of soul into the body of Deva Misana, Budha Misana, and Tao Misana.


Just like other cultivations, Deva Misana, Budha Misana, and Tao Misana have many abilities and powers. Some of them are:


1. Purifying the brain

2. Growing the damaged nerves

3. Regenerating the damaged nerve tissues

4. Regenerating the damaged nerve organ

5. Making up Self protection

6. Accessing information from the spiritual dimension

7. Communicating with the forms of consciousness in the spiritual dimension, like the sub-conscious awareness, super-conscious awareness consist of the awareness of the soul and the awareness of the spirit, communicating on the awareness of mineral kingdom, the awareness of plant kingdom and the awareness of animal kingdom

8. Developing the abilities of the Third Eye

9. Developing the abilities of the Conscience

10. Making up Self protection

11. Eliminating pains and diseases caused by the infections of viruses, bacteria, germs and fungus as well as curing genetical diseases and destroying cancer cells.

12. Increasing stamina.

13. Developing high level of intelligence

14. Creating the system of abundance within the self

15. Curing trauma and mental injuries

16. Destroying mental blocks

17. Accessing the brain waves of alpha, theta and delta

18. Being easier to meditate until the level of samadhi

19. Improving analytical abilities and logics

20. Being easier and faster to learn anything

21. Increasing the brain abilities to store memories

22. Curing stroke

23. Improving the development of kundalini

24. Etc.


Misana Cultivation System can become the miraculous system for the evolution of humans’ brain. Misana Cultivation System purifies the brain up to the level of unlimited purification. The higher level of Misana Cultivation Power, the faster and the more powerful of Misana Cultivation purifies the brain. Pure brain will have a high vibration so that it will make the brain easier in achieving the brain waves of alpha, theta and delta. Alpha, theta and delta brainwaves are the brainwaves used by humans to access the spiritual dimension. It can be said that if someone achieves alpha, theta and delta brainwaves, thus he or she is in the state of meditative condition. In this state, he or she will be able to access the forms of awareness in the spiritual dimension. The forms of awareness in the spiritual dimension is the awareness of mineral world, the awareness of plant world, the awareness of animal world, the awareness of humans’ sub-conscious, the awareness of humans’ super conscious and the awareness of the universe. Pure brain will also make oneself think clearly and differentiate between good and evil. He or she will not easy to be provoked by negative things. Pure brain can help oneself to avoid depression and make him easier to be optimistic. Pure brain help increasing the self’s logic and analytical abilities. It can be imagined if humans can master and control many things in the physical and spiritual dimensions and have high faith in the almightiness of God, the person will become very smart, wise and noble.


Misana Cultivation can be learned fast and easily by everyone. They only need to learn the sciences of Q-RAK cultivation because in the attunement of level 1 sciences of Q-RAK cultivation, the high level Misana Cultivation has been included.


Brain’s Creative Dimension 

Brain’s creative dimension is similar to the spiritual dimension within the self and it lies in the right brain area. If we are able to develop the right brain maximally, we will automatically develop the ability to access the spiritual dimension as well. The spiritual dimension is the dimension of energies, which has unlimited dimensions. The subconscious awareness and the super conscious awareness of ourselves exist in this spiritual dimension. Meanwhile, the physical awareness is in the physical dimension. The physical awareness has the functions of analyzing and finding the logics of whatever we see, feel, hear and think.


The sub-conscious awareness has the functions of receiving all kinds of information whether we are in the condition of conscious or unconscious. The informations are well-kept permanently in the storeroom of subconscious’ memory. If we only rely on eyes to gather information, certainly the information obtained will be very limited. Why is so? The reason is, how focus we are able to gather any information from whatever the physical eyes see and how often we direct the physical eyes to gather the information.


In our subconscious awareness, information can be gathered automatically from all parts of subconscious awareness which include each cell, each DNA, each atom and each Quark of our body. Even the aura of our own is also included in the scope of subconscious system, which automatically will capture the information and keep permanently in our subconscious. The capture and storing of information happen automatically without any direction from us.


Even the subconscious awareness is typically an energy dimension which is unattached by time and space. With this condition, the subconscious awareness is able to be anywhere and anytime in the universe.

The subconscious awareness can be in the past or in the future.


It can access information stored as energy in the universe.

The information stored as energy in the universe can be dozens years old, hundreds years old, thousands years old, millions years old or even billions years old.


The older the age of the information stored as energy is, the higher the level of energy used to store the information and the higher the power needed by the subconscious awareness to access the information.


Not any kinds of people can access the information stored in the universe.

There are even a huge amount of information sealed by very pure and high level super conscious awareness to guard the information in order not to be misused by strong evil spiritual creatures to destroy life and the universe. The subconscious awareness can also access the powers of the universe’s spiritual dimensions, which can be used to cure oneself from pains and diseases, destroy infections caused by viruses, germs, bacteria and fungus, eliminate cancer cells, to edify the aura of luck and so forth.


The scale of powers and the mighty level of power which can be accessed by subconscious awareness really depend on how high the level of sanctity of subconscious. The higher the level of sanctity of subconsciousness, the more miraculous the powers can be accessed. The more impure subconsciousness, the more difficult the powers can be accessed, eventually in every power accessed will contain negative aura which make oneself getting difficulty in utilizing the contaminated powers to achieve his/her positive wishes. Thus, the purification of subconsciousness becomes very important in order to make everything we do become miraculous.


Super-Conscious Awareness is the holy awareness of the sacred soul and spirit. The super conscious awareness has the function to accept information from the holy spiritual dimension. The information in the holy spiritual dimension is highly needed to make us easier to work on life. The information often appears as something that inspires us. Thus, the super-conscious awareness often becomes the source of inspiration for ourselves to carry out missions in the current life and also to discover what the real purposes of life are. If we conduct high level purification at the level of our super-conscious awareness or soul, spirit and higher self, the holy spiritual dimension at higher level can be easier to access. Thus, the higher the purification at the level of super conscious awareness conducted by oneself up to certain limit, the more capable of the super conscious awareness to access the spiritual dimension of the high level of the ‘most holy’ where divinity vibration can be accepted by the super consciousness, so that he or she will be filled by miracles of the divinity vibration. All powers from divinity vibration can be accessed by the super conscious awareness at this level. It can be imagined what would happened in our life, if we can achieve such condition in the purification we do.


Physical awareness is also called as conscious mind. Conscious mind can be used to analyze and compile the things we need to solve a problem. We use conscious mind when our logics work to solve a problem.


We can use the subconscious awareness or super conscious awareness to obtain information needed to solve a problem. After the information has been gotten, we must use conscious mind to check the truth of the newly-found information in order to hinder us from the information which may be fake or mere hallucination caused by disturbances from our own or the environment’s viciousness and negativity.


Those who tend to get lie will often obtain false information from their subconsciousness. If those people try to access their super-conscious awareness, often their viciousness blocks the information coming from the super-conscious awareness and replaces it with false information.


Viciousness and negative aura have the ability in misleading the consciousness as well as the self. If oneself is able to obtain the true information from subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness, he or she will be able to solve problems easily with the best results. The super conscious awareness usually provides guidance for the self if he or she encounters difficulties in solving a problem. Many popular and successful people who use their subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness to solve their problems.


Many great musicians compose songs or musical arrangements at the level of subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness. Many scientists are guided by their super conscious awareness to discover any great inventions in the world. Many successful and rich business people are guided by their subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness to find investments that brings multiple profits with very small risks. Many people can have the ability of healer by using their subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness. Even today, many indigo children are born with remarkable abilities and intelligence beyond ordinary children. The indigo children are able to access incredible spiritual dimensions.


In spiritual dimensions, we can discover incredible new things that we can use to multiply our success, for example:


We can compose new, incredible, and world class musical arrangements

We can create song lyrics that are able to appeal the world

In business, we can find the gold-mine of our investments.

In medical science, new medicines can be invented to cure diseases which are difficult to be cured.

In scientific, we can find new sciences which may change human civilization.


Conscious mind can also be directed to make strong programming to re-program negative subconsciousness into the positive one and also to program super conscious awareness to achieve our positive wishes.


How can we access the brain’s creative dimensions or humans’ spiritual dimensions? 


The brain’s creative dimensions or humans’ spiritual dimensions can only be accessed if we are in a peace condition. The calmer we are, the easier the dimensions can be accessed. When we are in calm condition means we are in the meditative condition, or stargazing or dozing. In such condition, our brainwaves reach the frequency level of alpha brainwaves. The calmer we are, the deeper the frequency of brainwaves we experience, then we are getting to the frequency level of theta brainwaves. In this condition also, we only think about one thing; we only focus on one thought. On the contrary, in normal conditions, we usually have a lot of things in minds. Whenever we think a lot in mind simultaneously, it will lead us to a high level of deppression. The more we think, the higher depressed we will have. When we think a lot, our brainwaves are in the frequency level of beta brainwaves. In beta brainwaves, we are in the physical awareness or conscious mind.


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