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Affirmation is a form of self confirmation, also a form of self-instruction on the other forms of self awareness in spiritual dimensions.

Within humans, there are 3 forms of awareness:

Physical awareness

Sub-conscious awareness

Super conscious awareness


Based on the 3 forms of awareness, affirmations are self-confirmation on the physical awareness, sub-conscious awareness or super conscious awareness. In general, affirmations are known as the form of verbal suggestion.


Is affirmation the same as prayer?

Affirmation is not the same as prayer. Affirmations is a form of self-confirmation and also a means of communication between the self and all of the forms of self-awareness, while prayer is a form of communication between the self and God the Creator.


The benefits of affirmation

Since humans consist of three forms of awareness with different dimensions and functions, ways of controlling each form of awareness are highly needed. Humans’ abilities to control all forms of awareness will help them to achieve success in their life. Humans can find solution to all of their problems, if they can communicate with all forms of awareness they have.


The benefits of affirmation are as follow:

Changing negative sub-consciousness into positive

Healing sub-conscious trauma

Controlling sub-consciousness to achieve various objectives

Obtaining important information needed by the self by accessing super conscious awareness’ storehouse of knowledge.

Super conscious awareness is the storehouse of knowledge at the cosmic level.

Obtain super powers from sub-conscious awareness and super conscious awareness.


The factors that make affirmation become tremendous and miraculous

In order to make the miraculous affirmations, the aspects needed are as follows:


A strong self confidence is needed to ensure the wishes are achieved completely. If we are in a hesitation, affirmations are often ineffective and lose their tremendous power.



Persistence in doing affirmation is highly needed until the actualization of the wishes in the physical realm happens.

All actualization of wishes in the physical realm need sufficient time, process and energy. Without persistence, the process of achieving wishes will be lack of sufficient energy to achieve the wishes into the physical realm.


The opening of tongue chakra

Tongue chakra is the chakra located below the tongue. The shape is like a small jasmine. Tongue chakra is only opened when the core of kundalini reaches the ultimate of unification in crown chakra. The opening of tongue chakra make every words we say being so miraculous.


The Flame of Self Purification Spirit

The Flame of Self Purification Spirit is a holy yellow light that shines and fluorescent above the head of someone whose tongue chakra has been opened. In general, the holy yellow light is called halo on holy man.


The core of Kundalini unified in crown chakra

The development of kundalini reaches the level of the unification of the core of Kundalini in crown chakra.


Cultivation bodies

Cultivation body is the formed of cultivation bodies of Avatar, Deva, Buddha, Tao, True Higher Self, gTummo, Merkaba, True Spirit, so forth. If we are just an ordinary human who does not have the Kundalini development and self-purification, and only have limited power, then the affirmation conducted will also have limit to bring any wishes into reality.


A great aim will need a big spiritual power to realize it. This is the importance of self-purification. Only with self-purification, the subconscious awareness and super conscious awareness in ourselves will have unlimited spiritual power and even will become miraculous power if the self-purification reaches the high level of purification.

The greater the aims, the higher spiritual power is needed and it takes longer to be realized. By the miraculous power, the aims will be reached by miraculous process.


How to make an effective and perfect affirmation?

The method is making a clear and detail affirmation. The clearer and more detail the affirmation is, the faster and easier the wishes realization will be. The clear and detail affirmations may consist of the following:


What cultivation bodies are used?





The self


True Higher Self

True Spirit


What power is used?



REVA BRAVANA Power Chrystal

REVA BRAVANA Power of Life Flower




What is the purpose desired?

Making shield/protection

Eliminating viciousness and negative aura

Exterminating HIV viruses

Growing the stem cells in liver

Melting fats of stomach

Increasing luck

And so forth


Who are the targets of affirmation?

The self







So forth


How complete is the purpose?






and others


How long does the afirmation take place?

3 hours

5 hours

12 hours

24 hours



Here are the following examples of making a clear and detail affirmation:

Making Self-Protection

‘I intend my True Spirit uses the REVA BRAVANA power to make a high level of protection system on myself against the attacks of human race and earth’s viciousness and negative aura, which harm myself until reaching the ultimate of high level protection, do it for 5 hours.’

In many cases, affirmations conducted are not working maximally and often powerless. Why is so?


There are things that constraint an affirmation:

The attacks of viciousness and negative aura

Viciousness and negative aura become the main obstacle of the spiritual power within ourselves. Oftenly, the attacks of viciousness and negative aura damage and destroy the purification we conduct. Any damages and leaks will happen on Kundalini and also on cultivation bodies. And in the end, all cultivation powers that we have are destroyed. When this condition happens, all affirmations will not have sufficient power to actualize all positive wishes.


Lack of Persistence

To realize all positive wishes need process to realize. The bigger the wishes intended, the higher power is needed and the longer time is needed to realize, because the condition of the self also determine the acceleration of the intended affirmations.


The power of affirmations have controlling influence in making changes of spiritual dimension and often this changes remains in at most two days.

Meanwhile, achieving positive wishes takes more than 2 days and even months. Thus, do the affirmations regularly and continously until the wishes intended bring into reality without any obstacles.


Negative wishes

Purifying cultivation basically is for purification so that it can evolve our spirituality until reaching the high level of awareness. The pure high level of awareness will not make negative wishes come true. If negative wishes are affirmed, this will cause the growth of negative auras and viciousness within ourselves. This condition will destroy the purification within as well as destroy the purifying cultivation bodies that we already have.


Exaggerated wishes

Someone often do affirmations to achieve exaggerated wishes that are beyond the abilities he or she has currently, basically, all positive wishes will be realized by the high level of awareness owned.

However, realizing wishes takes time and process in accordance with the condition of ourselves. Often big wishes take very long time to be come true, it takes from months and even years. Just imagine, won’t it needs a very high level of patience to wait for the wishes to be realized? Won’t the belief be destroyed by the long waiting? Won’t perseverance will be dampened because of the desperation starts to erode the spirit and self confidence? That is the reason why the affirmation should be adjusted to the current condition and capabilities.


Depleted stamina

In doing affirmation to achieve wishes, it takes sufficient stamina so that the power of affirmation and self-protection remain stable. Without sufficient stamina, the affirmations are like losing their powers and the self-protection will be dwindling, which can put the self in danger as the self will be target of the environment’s viciousness and negative aura.


Leaking Kundalini

Kundalini is the foundation of purification. Leaking Kundalini will destroy the purification and automatically destroy the cultivation powers owned. Without tremendous power, it will be difficult to actualize any positive wishes.



Strong belief is needed to achieve positive wishes. When we have high level of belief, we will automatically aligned with the highest awareness and capable of accessing the power of the highest awareness without any resistance. High level of belief will strengthen the high level of protection against the attacks of viciousness and negative aura. Meanwhile, hesitation will undermine the protection, opening slit for viciousness and dirty auras to enter and frustrate the process of achieving the wishes and damaging the spirit to be persistence in affirmation. This condition will also affect the self as we cannot align with the highest awareness that is the carrier of own miracles to achieve all positive wishes that we intended through conducted affirmation.


How many times affirmation is conducted in each session and in a day?

In relation to the perseverance to conduct affirmation, the best thing to do is that affirmation is conducted at least three times in each session and the number can be higher if the stamina is sufficient. If the stamina is depleted because of doing too much affirmation, this condition can endanger the physical health and also weaken the protection of the self. Do affirmation with full perseverance but please pay attention to the stamina, do not let the stamina depleted. If it is not possible to do affirmation 3 times, it can be done twice a day.


How about if the affirmation conducted is halted?

On any condition, self-persistece is highly needed to achieve wishes through affirmation. The working power of affirmations is only effective in influencing spiritual dimension for only 2 days. Thus, avoid not doing affirmation for more than 2 days.


Can affirmation be cancelled?

Sometimes, when stamina is depleted, we often finds difficulties in focusing on doing affirmations and this condition leads to mistakes in affirmation. The mistakes in affirmations can be cancelled by intending cultivation bodies to cancel them. For example: “I intend that my highest awareness to cancel … affirmation (mention the affirmation conducted earlier.


Can affirmation be programmed?

Very busy practitioners often find difficulties in allocating time for conducting affirmation. Affirmation actually can be done anytime and anywhere. Basically, affirmation can be programmed. However, as day passes, the effectiveness of affirmation programming will be lessened and in long term the affirmation programming which has been done will not be effective anymore.


How to program affirmation?

In order to program affirmations, we can introduce the affirmations to the highest awareness and give name to the affirmation so that every time we want the highest awareness to achieve the affirmation, we only need to mention the name of the affirmation program.


When are the best times to conduct affirmation?

Affirmation can be conducted anytime but there are the best times to conduct affirmation, namely the kundalini hours. At kundalini hours, cultivation bodies experience the surge of cultivation power so that they have very tremendous power to achieve the affirmation. Besides, at kundalini hours, if we conduct kundalini training, the kundalini development happened automatically increases stamina. Actually, the surge of the increasing stamina only happens when we train kundalini at kundalini hours.


Where are the best places to carry out affirmations?

Affirmation can be carried out anywhere, on the streets, at public places, at homes, in the offices, in cars, virtually anywhere. Moreover, in extreme conditions, do the protection affirmation to avoid from all kinds of dangers.