Jan 25

About Q-RAK Cultivation


Q-RAK Cultivation is purifying cultivation system covering all kinds of purifying cultivation. Kinds of cultivation will be explained briefly in the separate chapter of Kinds of Cultivation. Q-RAKCultivation has a strong purifying nature, all kinds of filthy things will be purified and annihilated automatically by Q-RAK Cultivation, while all positive things will be purified as well and becomemore positive.

For example:

  • Diseases, viruses, bacteria, germs, fungus, cancer cells will be exterminated by the purification of Q-RAK cultivation

  • Aura of misfortune, poverty, stupidity, negative emotions will be rased when they are purified by Q-RAK cultivation.

  • Health purified to be be more healthy

  • Aura of wealth purified to be richer

  • Aura of luck purified to be luckier

  • Positive emotion purified to be more positive

  • Brain Intelligence purified to be more intelligent

Q-RAK Cultivation has a lot of advantages that are extremely needed by a lot of people :

  • To carry out self purification

  • Healing all kinds of disease and improving health. Q-RAK Cultivation is even very effective in destroying HIV virus.

  • Increasing luck

  • Increasing fortune

  • Increasing prosperity

  • To establish protection

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Kundalini

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Third Eye and Conscience

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Merkaba‘s cultivation

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Avatar‘s cultivation

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Deva’s cultivation

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Buddha‘s cultivation

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Tao‘s cultivation

  • Enhancing the devolopment of True Higher Self

  • To awake True Spirit

  • Enhancing the devolopment of Core of Sarira

  • And many more

To obtain Q-RAK Cultivation ability is very easy, no need of carry out breathing exercise, gym exercise, fasting, nor spelling mantra. Anyone can have the ability of Q-RAK Cultivation in a short time, merely in 20 minutes. The only way is getting an attunement during 20 minutes given by Master of Q-RAK Cultivation, then he/she will be able to have Q-RAK Cultivation perfectly. Attunement of Q-RAK Cultivation can be achieved in a workshop of Q-RAK Cultivation directly or through long distance attunement.

Q-RAK Cultivation is not a religion and does not come from any religion, it is a spiritual technique of self-purification. Basically all people can learn about Q-RAK Cultivation. Since the ability or skill of Q-RAK cultivation is given through attunement therefore it can be given to either babies kids, teenagers, adults and even the aged.

After receiving the attunement of Q-RAK cultivation, do the self-purification in order to keep the Q-RAK cultivation improving, and continue to use the ability of Q-RAK cultivation to achieve all positive things and wishes, and keep striving to make it happen into reality.

Q-RAK Cultivation is the purification cultivation system in which its energy having been evolutedhigher and more powerful. The level of energy in the system of Q-RAK Cultivation is unlimited.

Is there any side effects of utilizing Q-RAK cultivation ?

The power of Q-RAK Cultivation is safe for human body, including the very vital organs. The Q-RAK Cultivation is able to work efectively in repairing any DNA and fetuses’ organs damagewithout any side effects at all. It is happened since the power of Q-RAK Cultivation is very smartand soft energy for vulnerable and sensitive organs. If there is detox reaction when using the Q‑RAK Cultivation energy, no need to be worry, because it is a natural reaction and it is not harmful, it is a sign that the Q-RAK Cultivation power is on working of healing.

Is there any prohibition in Q-RAK Cultivation?

In purifying cultivation system, wicked cultivation or commiting a crime or negative things willdestroy the self-purification. Therefore, try to keep doing good things and purify self in order toremain and keep pure, so the ability of Q-RAK cultivation will also continue.