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Therapeutic Methods



One of the abilities of Q-RAK cultivation is curing illnesses suffered by the practitioners themselves or others. Therefore, Q‑RAK practitioners must understand every points needed to conduct self-therapy or others therapy.


Q-RAK practitioners must pay attention to the following aspects when conducting therapy:



The powers of Q-RAK cultivation will be activated and become tremendous and miraculous if wrapped with the power of pray. Therefore, it is better to pray first so that the healing process running faster and more efficient. The practitioners pray according to their respective faiths.


The Strong Belief in the Miracle of Q-RAK Cultivation

Strong belief in the miracle of Q-RAK cultivation is needed by Q‑RAK practitioners in order to ensure Q-RAK cultivation flow powerfully without any constraint of the practitioners’ sub consciousness. The strong belief within Q-RAK practitioners causing high level harmony to Q-RAK cultivation so that the powerful of Q-RAK cultivation can flow at a very high level due to the attunement level given by Q-RAK Cultivation Masters.



The synchronization with Grand Master Rony Irianto is possible to be done by the practitioner of Q-RAK cultivation so that the tremendous power of Q-RAK cultivation will flows more awesome and miraculous.



The own stamina

Before conducting therapy on patient, Q-RAK practitioners should first increase their own stamina. It is necessary to make the protection system much stronger so that the process of healing the patient can undergo faster. The strong stamina will create a powerful energy flowing to the patient. Besides, increasing stamina is automatically able to ward off the patient’s negative aura and viciousness against the practitioners themselves.


The patients’ stamina

During therapy session, the stamina of the patient must be increased continuously. This is necessary to accelerate the process of curing the patient. The healing process often takes long time because the patient’s stamina is very low. The strongest healing power will not be effective if the patient is in a very weak condition.



Self protection

Self-protection is necessary before conducting a therapy on patient. The aim is the practitioners can avoid the attacks of the patient’s negative aura and viciousness, which can cause Kundalini leak of the practitioners. Besides, if the practitioners are filled with the patient’s negative aura, it will cause any other negative impacts on the practitioners themselves.


Protection for the patient

The protection for the patient is needed before therapy session because the attacks of the environment’s negative aura and viciousness can ruin the healing process on the patient. The protection of the patients will also increase the patient’s stamina and hasten the healing process of the patient. The protection for the patient can repress the attack of other people’s negative aura and viciousness that attempt to make the patient suffer from that illness.


The duration of energy channeling

The duration of energy channeling also determines how fast the patient’s healing process takes place. The energy channeling that minimally takes 5 hours three times a day can hasten the patient’ s healing process. The energy channeling for 5 hours can be done if the practitioner use cultivation body by merely intending the affirmation done by the cultivation body to channel the energy for 5 hours. And the practitioner himself / herself does not need to do the energy channeling position.


Eliminating viciousness and negative auras

Oftenly, illnesses and diseases are caused by the attack of viciousness and negative aura. Such attacks will damage the immunity system of the body, destroy the stamina and protection of the body, damage the chakra system and disorder the body system. At higher levels, the attack from any negative aura and viciousness will cause any serious illnesses and diseases. Viciousness and negative aura may come from the self and the environment either.


Viciousness and negative aura from the self

If ones have lacking of self-control, get influence easily by carnality, egoism and anger, and doing negative deeds, those things will stimulate the growth of viciousness and negative aura within themselves. Moreover, in a long term viciousness and negative aura will bring them into their suffering of illnesses.


Viciousness and negative aura coming from the environment

The viciousness and negative aura from the surrounding can come from the closest people, relatives, friends or even strangers. Dirty aura can come also from inanimate objects, plants, animals, houses, offices, roads, forests, gardens, markets, hospitals and many more which become sources of the negative aura from the environment.


Exterminating the causes of the diseases in detail

In order to eliminate illnesses completely and quickly, the practitioners need to eliminate first the causes of the illnesses in detail down to the roots and seeds. The knowledge on the causes of the illnesses and diseases will be very helpful for the practitioners to cure the patient more quickly.


Curing organ wounds and damages

Curing organ wounds and damages in detail are also needed to hasten the patients’ healing process.


Washing hands

Before and after channeling energy, the practitioners should wash their hands. Washing hands is needed to maintain the hygiene of the practitioners’ hands. It would be better if the practitioners wash their hands using antiseptic soap or wet tissue contains of alcohol.


Healthy Lifestyles

The patiens should be better advised to have healthy lifestyles by:

Avoiding foods which can be a trigger of illness and diseases the patient suffer.

Sufficient rest

Sufficient exercises

Controlling mindset to avoid of getting stress easily.


The room for therapy session

The room for therapy strongly supports the patient’s healing process. Before conducting therapy, the room for therapy session should be cleansed and protected first from any possible viciousness and negative aura and such attack from the circumstances that may disturb the healing process.



Aromatherapy can be given to the patient to create calmness and freshness situation so that he or she will feel comfortable during therapy session. Avoid the kinds of aromatherapy that have a strong smell. It can be a trigger of the patient allergic reactions, headache and nausea.


Special music for therapy

Special music can be used for therapy session so that the patients can experience a very deep relaxation. The miraculous music is available at Q-RAK cultivation system, which is programmed to healing patients.


Crystals Therapy

The miraculous blue crystals of Q-RAK cultivation can be used when conducting therapy on patients. The Miraculous Blue Crystals emit the powers of high level of Q-RAK Cultivation, which are useful to eliminate the viciousness and negative aura of the practitioners and the patients, and to protect the patients and the room for therapy as well. The miraculous blue crystals are also able to eliminate the causal factor of illnesses and diseases as well as the illnesses and diseases suffered by the patients.


Multigonal water

In Q-RAK Cultivation System, the practitioners are taught on how to make Multigonal Water of Q-RAK Cultivation. The Multigonal Water is given to the patients to quickening their healing process. Q-RAK Multigonal Water is water with stable molecules that forms multigonal molecular structures. With multigonal molecular structures, the water is potential to be used to cure various kinds of diseases. By using the power of Q-RAK Cultivation, the molecular structure of regular water can be turned into the molecular structure of multigonal water of Q-RAK Cultivation.


The following are the benefits of multigonal water of Q-RAK cultivation:

Detoxifying the body from chemical poisons and poisons from foods

Cleaning the sediments of microscopic harmful materials within body organs

Destroying kidney-stones and gallstones

Melting fat of the body

Destroying blood clots

Purifying blood

Increasing stamina

Destroying cancer and abnormal cells

Regenerating cells of body organs

Destroying viciousness and negative aura

Fertilizing plants

So forth.


Stem cells

Stem cells are the stability of cells as the center and the axis of the stability of the existing cells.

Stem cells functioned in:

Rebuilding new body cells to replace the already damage cells.

Rebuilding new body histology to repair the damaged body tissues and organs.

Increasing immunity system and curence of illnesses and diseases


Stem cells can be multiplied by applying the REVA BRAVANA power on the desired body parts.


Pure oxygen

Pure oxygen is the fresh oxygen naturally produced by nature, which is able to help increasing health, smoothing body circulation and curing illnesses and diseases for anyone who inhale it.


Pure oxygen is different from regular oxygen. In terms of the structure, the molecules of pure oxygen are more complex compared to regular oxygen.

Pure oxygen can be considered as hyperbaric oxygen or even pure oxygen is equal with hyperbaric oxygen.

By using Q-RAK cultivation, pure oxygen can be produced in order to support tremendous result for healing process.



When a healing process conducted by several practitioners in group, each practitioner is not allowed to do synchronization among others because it is very dangerous, it may infected the viciousness and negative aura from others. The impacts of the negative infections are ruining self-purification and leaking of kundalini within the self.



The code of ethics in conducting therapy has the aim of making the practitioners give the best to the patients as well as preventing the occurrences of negative incidents during therapy session. The code of ethics should be followed by all Q-RAK cultivation practitioners whenever they conduct therapy session.


Getting the patients’ approval

Before conducting therapy session, the practitioners should first ask for the patients’ approval. It is important to maintain courtesy and respect the patients. However, in certain circumstances when the practitioners somehow cannot ask for the patients’ approval, Q-RAK cultivation therapy still can be done and the result remains perfect. Thus, Q-RAK cultivation therapy is still effective to be conducted on anyone covertly, if the situation does not allow the practitioners to ask for the patients’ approval.


Do not take advantage of the situation

When channeling energy, especially by direct touch, the practitioners are not allowed to take advantage of the situation in their self-interest, which will be very disserve to the patients. When channeling energy to sensitive body parts, which could be enticed as sexual harassment, the energy should be channeled indirectly. It means that the practitioners avoid pressing palms or directly touching the body parts. They only need to channel energy five centimeter from the body parts. The results of channeling energy by using the non-touching method are still as effective as the touching one. Usually the practitioners will be more sensitive to energies if it is channeled without directly touching the body



Before conducting therapy session, the practitioners pray first to God and ask for protection and healing assistance in order to make the healing process undertakes safely and completely. When the practitioners pray for God’s assistance to help the process of healing patients, very often a connecting channel is formed that connects the practitioners with the high spiritual level. When the practitioners channelize the energy to the patients, God’s power also flows to the patients, so it would be possible that spontaneous or faster healing process occurs.


Do not promise a total healing

Every effort made, mainly in conducting therapy, total healing only comes from God because total healing is gift from Him. In many therapeutic methods with energy system, God’s power contributes to hasten the patients’ healing

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