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Grand Master Rony Irianto



Free attunement will be given in order to have competence for healing serious illness or disease such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, high infection, mentality disorder like schizophernia, psychosomatic, addiction, narcotics and drugs addict, also for raising kundalini technic, applying the Third-Eye to see viruses, germs, organ of the body transparantly. All will be given for free only at once attunement.

FREE Third Eye activation, Conscience, Mastering Kundalini

FREE Attunement Schedule:

Every Sunday at 14:00 (GMT)

Spirit Evolution Qrak Cultivation


What Is Q-RAK Cultivation?

Q-RAK Cultivation is a purification of energy system  which has multi function, those are healing of medical and non-medical diseases/illness, raising of kundalini, opening of Third-Eye and Self-Conscience, enhancing of agility, reaching of supreme yoga meditation and spiritual evolution, building up self-defense, and increasing of  abundance. Q-RAK Cultivation is not a religion and does not come from any religion, it is universal. Every people from  any ages, toddler, adolescent, adult, even the aged, are able to have the Q-RAK ability in only one day of Q-RAK Workshop without any training. It takes only 20 minutes for attunement to get the complete Q-RAK ability.



Kundalini is the power of spirit to purify the spirit itself from any dirty aura, viciousness, negative karma and  any other things that constraint the cultivation of  the spirit itself.  In Level 1 of the workshop, the kundalini is raised until its highest level of the Inner or True Spirit, which is almost impossible to have it by any conventional technics.


The tremendous of the inner spirit is so miraculous to heal any difficult illness such as HIV, AIDS, TORCH, cancer, drugs abuse, and also high infection caused by viruses, germs, fungus and any other diseases which are difficult to be cured.  Those things will be possible because of the miraculous power of the True Spirit. The purification spirit cultivated to the True Spirit is given in the Level 1 of Q-RAK Workshop. That is why the Level 1 has been so miraculous to do self healing and others healing.



The activation of the Third-Eye, the Inner Conscience and the Misana cultivation system  will be able to improve the agility of Q-RAK practitioners. When you have the ability to communicate with many consciousness, to see atomic, electron, to access any information from the cosmic level and else, to access the creativity of brain dimension as your sources of idea and thoughts, just imagine how growth your agility will be?


True Spirit is the innermost spirit that purified by the kundalini until reaching its highest level of perfection. The True Spirit is so miraculous in bringing any positive needs into reality, healing any diseases or illness, bringing abundance and also developing agility.


Third-Eye is the spiritual eye between the two eyebrow, which has the capability to see spiritual dimension. You can name it also as telepathy capability. In the Level 1 of Q-RAK Workshop, the potentiality of the third-eye will have been gotten and applied at a time. So that in less than 1 hour of the workshop, one can have such ability to see  spiritual dimension, to see aura, atomic, electron, virus, germs, microbe, bacterial, fungus, and to make an ashtral trip, to do telepathy, and else.

Conscience or you can say Inner Heart is the ability to communicate with self-consciousness, those are the soul and the spirit, the sub-conscious and the super-conscious. Also the ability to communicate with plants, animals, and mineral, which seems to be impossible to be done by common people.



The Supreme Yoga Meditation is able to be done only by a person who has achieved the highest level of cultivated  kundalini, cultivated True Spirit, and the activated of Third-Eye and Conscience. The Q-RAK system, then, is designed to be able to do such meditation perfectly.



By the tremendous power of the True or Inner Spirit, you will be able to control positive aura in order to protect yourself, family, own prosperity and projects from any danger and destruction.



By the tremendous power of the True or  Inner Spirit, you will also be able to multiply, breed, and explode the positive aura, abundance, good luck, prosperity in order to increase your abundant life, to give self-chances to be success, and to receive  many good luck when  needed.

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